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  • Yeah, I've been refreshing for about an hour and not seeing any. I finally gave up and just took some other seeds, figuring that since they're permanent, I can get some later.

    I'm not sure the algorithm that is used for the garden seeds. If the drops are random, then the fact that we have so many breeds would make anything more difficult to find. If the drops are based upon what's already in the wild (that is, if there are already a bunch of a type of seed, no more of that type gets dropped), then that algorithm would be better (more difficult for the programmer to calculate, of course), and there would be a more even distribution of all types of seeds.

    I do NOT think that this sort of algorithm is in place, however. I was noticing in my refreshes that there was a predominance of certain kinds of seeds throughout the garden. At one point at one refresh, I had almost an entire page of just one breed! That indicates that the drops that are made to the garden are independent of what already exists, and I believe that this can eventually become a problem. It's like in Dragon Cave when we used to have so many common egg cave blockers. It looks like that's what's beginning to happen now.


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  • im wilden garten sind die neuen pflanzen gar nicht mehr da selbst nach 100 reloads und wieso kann man den Icon nicht sehen wie das aussieht?

    You maybe have seen that the Icon of this new plant is missing and also the seeds in the garden,i tried with 100 refreshes to get one

  • You can still pick up the seeds while they're invisible. Just look for a conspicuously empty spot and click on it. It'll still be invisible in your garden, but you'll see the water meter below it. The invisibility problem should resolve itself eventually.
    I couldn't see them either at first, but after few days the picture showed up. Same thing with the new Lucky Clover.

  • But this time because they have all been picked up - invisible seeds should no longer occur.