New flowers / Neue Pflanzen

  • Thats interesting, I also once had a phalaenopsis and the blossoms turned just the other way than yours!

    But wait... No, the photos itself are upside down! I can see it from the roots of the orchids in the corner of both photos. But nevermind, perhaps its just my mobile phone that turns the pictures around.

    On my PC they are on their sides.

    flower idea...Sunflorwes

  • *dusts off the wish thread*

    As I'm _finally_ done with college, I can get back into my online hobbies with zest. And I realize that besides Gardenia, I'd love to see other types of lilies. The Arum Lily (Zantedeschia) is fine, but there is soooo much more!

    My personal lily garden had such a variety of color and petal styles - lilies are second to gardenias for me. I believe they can be done rather well here in the game. The entire tribe of Lilieae would be great to see (!

    These are the varieties I grew in my personal garden until the dogs ruined my beds... I've got bulbs in storage until I can convince my family members to train their dirt loving canines. :( (would have several different color and petal types, includes Asiatic, Tiger, and other colorful and patterned blooms) (some people call these Trumpet or Giant Lilies) (small flower, but cute and bulbs propagate fast in the tropics) (small, golden yellow and great for lower-level blooming)

    Other Lilies of note... (also called the Lloydia - tiny little lily of arctic/alpine regions) (the basic "lilypad" plant and flowers) (originally classified as a lotus, but is not related at all. Is part of Chinese cuisine and medicine - a friend here grows them)

    What I've found to be rather interesting abut Lilies in general is that their entire genus as been redistributed in the 1990's. So flowers that were originally thought to be, say, tulip variety, are actually lily! And some lilies are altogether something else! :wacko:

    Anyhoo... just adding to the long list of "please make this flower" to the artists.


  • As a former grower of herb gardens, may I suggest a few herbs.

    Rosemary has lovely purple flowers as well as needle like leaves

    Sage also has beautiful purple flowers and very pretty leaves

    Borage more purple flowers

    Feverfew has nice little daisy-like flowers

    Marshmallow has red and white flowers

    Oregano and Thyme are lovely, and come with varients

    I also think that Foxglove would be a wonderful plant with beautiful trumpet shaped flowers.

    I always loved growing Angelica, but the flowers are mostly white.

    I know you cannot do all of these, but just putting this out there for suggestions.

    1066709.png     1067747.png     1067753.png      1067723.png    1066466.png       1067862.png     1067925.png      1066917.png       1067482.png