Favorite and least favorite Mini-games

  • Everyone has different taste in games and different strong and weak skills, so I thought it would be interesting to find out which games (or general type of games) you find enjoyable and which ones you immediately spam the Playground link to get rid of (I was guilty of that 3 times today, so that's what made me think about this topic).

    My favorite has to be the pipe puzzle. I've always loved those. And I also enjoy the wall maze, the memory game and the bejeweled-type match-3.

    I will play the hidden object one, but it's become a bit boring cause I know where all the objects are. :)

    I'll also play the timed click one if I'm not in one of my anxious moods. Otherwise I get very antsy and just don't have the patience for it.

    The one I absolutely can't manage is the basket catch. I get so wound up I just can't even think about playing it, so I go clickety-click on the Playground button if I even see the loading bar. I know, it's probably someone else's favorite, so that's why I got curious and started this thread.

    So how about it? Have a favorite? One you particularly hate? I'm all ears.

  • This a great question! I used to not mind the snow-catching game at first, but it's started to make me a little motion sick, so I click away from it now before it loads (it's the only one that hesitates loading, so I know which one it is!). I also avoid the hidden object one because it takes me too long to find all the objects, and I want to save a bit of time so I can water plants faster. The timed clicking game where the plants are in a circle is also a bit too anxiety-inducing for me on some days! But other days I give it a try.

    My favorite games are definitely: The stepping stone one where you find a path from one fairy to the other ^^ I enjoy that a lot, as well as the Concentration-esque game where you flip over the cards, even though it's simple! It and the stepping-stone game are the only two I never skip! I really like the match-3 game too, but sometimes it goes a bit long and I don't have time for it if I'm just popping in quick!

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  • You know, I have problems with vertigo. I never thought that the basket game might make me motion-sick and that's why I avoid it even loading, but that makes sense. It's such a benign little game, but it makes me so tense after just a few catches that I just can't stand to play any more. I'll bet that's what it is. I'm getting dizzy from it, but not enough to put my finger on how it makes me feel, just enough to make me not want to play it. I'll bet that's what bothers me about the timed game with the spinning circle, too.

  • It depends. I really enjoy the one with matching three or more flowers in a row. The one with the basket is fine on the computer, not so much on a mobile device, while the spinning circle one works best on a mobile device. The rest are ok, I suppose.

  • My favorite by far is the pipe connecting one! I also enjoy the stepping stone one, the memory card one, and the bejeweled type match 3.

    The hidden object one I've gotten much better at so I don't mind it. I guess I'd say neutral regarding it :)

    Hate with a passion the timed click, it gives me great anxiety, lol. I get almost motion sick from the snow catching one too, it's weird.

  • My least favorite is the Basket catch lol. I love all the other games.

    The first time I played basket catch I was catching all the sticks until it dawned on me this is taking a long time and then I was like whoops and started catching the snowballs and stars lol then it went much quicker lol.

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