Picking up snails problems

  • So the picking up snails option isn't working as usual and like stated in the other thread some can pick up just two, like I did before, and now this has happened (copy pasted from the other thread):

    I know I'm not hitting the limit. I haven't tried to pick up snails for a while since there was no option to do that. It disappeared completely. Just moment ago I had it again and I was able to pick up only one snail and after that my other plants didn't have the option. They were at 4 and half drops of water when I picked that one up. I haven't also interacted with other users plants at all.

    The limit that's mentioned is 36 per user like also said in the other thread. I can try to look if the options return today or do they just stay away.

    Small edit: I'm using mobile devices currently (phone and tablet) and Chrome without any extensions. At home I've been using computer and also Chrome and no ad block. Just in case this is relevant :)

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  • Problem similar to Mimmu: Lately I've only been watering my plants using the games, and not clicking the plants to manually water them, but for at least the past 24 hours I haven't seen the snail option even once. I am NOT watering or doing anything to anyone else's plants, so that absolutely isn't using up any of my actions.

    Right now it seems as if the snail option has been completely removed. I haven't seen it for over a day now, at least.

    I'm using Chrome, and although I have an ad blocker, both this forum and the game site are white listed. I just checked, and I have no other extensions enabled.


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  • I'm using Firefox and the function is completely random. My plants are fully watered using games, sometimes I can pick 2 snails, sometimes up to 6, and then it disappears for more than 24 hours.

    Edit: It looks as if it's been fixed, I was able to remove snails from all of my plants and still had an option to bend a branch in another player's gardern.

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  • Ok I believe I have found the issue. It was not recording the IP correctly and therefore thought that all Flowergame users where using the same IP. Please let me know if you still see this issue as I have adjusted the server configuration.