Problem with games on Firefox

  • Since this morning I've had a problem with games on Firefox. I play a game, I finish it and then the site reloads to My Garden, without going through the screen enabling me to choose a reward. On Chrome it works just fine. Firefox 72 (the latest one), Windows 7 Pro. Has anyone had the same problem?

    Another thing I've noticed - if I forget to tick the box "Remember me", I am immediately logged off when I click on My Garden. The same thing happens on Chrome. I believe it used to be different.

  • It might, but in that case it's not likely to be the fault of the admins here, but something in the way Firefox is implementing HTML.

    I can tell you that from a web developer point of view, Firefox USED to be the favored browser, because it implemented HTML, CSS, and Javascript following all the correct rules, therefore making it a very stable platform. That has not been true for a few years now. Now it's Chrome that web developers prefer, because that's the browser most closely conforming to correct web programming code.

    And you can forget about I.E. and Edge. Microsoft has such hubris that they feel they don't need to follow standard protocols, but can make up their own, and the WWW consortium can just follow them. That's bull crap, of course, but Microsoft has always been full of itself.

  • It really sounds like that somehow Firefox might ship with an Adblocker that things the reward page is advertising or something like that. Maybe after the move this weekend it will go away for good as some of the HTML structure etc has changed.