Road to Halloween / Der Weg Zu Halloween

  • It's random, although maybe the admins didn't turn on the breeding aspect for Jacks this year. Normally during the year you can breed them with pumpkins and get pumpkins, but if they didn't toggle on Jack breeding (it's a separate toggle from the drops, from what Exterminans once said), then it would be the same as during the rest of the year.

    I don't think this explaination is right. I was checking regularly and a few weeks ago jacks were ubreedable, so if this function was turned on, we should be able to get jacks, not only regular pumpkins.

    The other thing is, not only are jacks impossible to get by breeding, it seems they have stopped dropping altogether. And at the same time, you can still see marvel ferns in the Wild Garden.

  • They've already stopped dropping the Halloween seeds? :( I mean, I can understand their feelings about the timing, but there are SO MANY new variants (and old variants) that having even a CHANCE at all of them is very difficult. We can only get four seeds every four days at most. Four and a half days, if we don't have a chance to pick up the snail.

    We also didn't even KNOW there were new variants of Jacks and Audreys until recently, because although they announced the snappies, they didn't announce the others, and the question mark on those didn't show up right away.

    While I don't want to whine (although I suppose I am), it's just a little sad if we have no chance to get them.

  • BTW, has anyone managed to get a new Jack? I've raised a few (seeds from the Wild Garden, grabbed when they were still dropping) and they are all old types.

    There was no problem getting a new snappy tree stump, there were at least two new ones in every batch I raised, but there seems to be a huge problem with Jacks.