Will we have Walpurga’s Night this year?

  • Hi,

    Are we going to have any Witch Mushroom drops this year?

    When I found the old thread about it, it seemed there wasn’t much of a drop last year. As someone who only has a couple of them as gifts from others, I would like to grow some from seeds.

  • This is taken from the Special Plants table:

    Available in the Wild Garden for a short time after Walpurga's Night (April 30th)

    April 22th - May 1st 2012: Available in the Wild Garden and breedable

  • This morning, I logged in to my account, checked the Wild Garden, and BAM! there was a Witch Mushroom seed!! Yaaayy!!

    Of course I immediately grabbed it

    Thank you very much for these ‘flowers’, so that I can grow some from seed.

  • Could I ask a favor of the admins? With as many variants as we now have for each of the holiday plants, could we please have a longer drop time for those seeds? It is absolutely impossible now to be able to get the new variants with each holiday. I am not seeing any further witch mushroom seeds in the garden (and I've refreshed I-don't-know-how-many times). During the drop period I only managed to get four, all of which are now seedlings.

    That's it: Four.

    The chances of one of them being the new seed is pretty infinitesimal. I'm extremely disappointed, and a bit frustrated. While I understand the idea that they're special and all that, it is simply that now there are SO MANY variants that this is becoming impossible.

    Despite all of my bunny breeding, I only managed to get a single one of the new bunnies, which I wouldn't have gotten if I hadn't bred them as long as I could, which of course cut into being able to get the witch mushroom seeds.

    The short (under two weeks) drop time, as well as the overlap of holidays, of course makes the problem worse. That's why I request an extension of holiday drop times, so people actually have a chance of getting them.

  • I agree with you. The game started to be frustrating around Christmas time. I got my first cracker lucky clover in April. And did not succeed in getting any new Christmas stars.

    Also, why aren't we getting ingame news any more?

    • Official Post

    Hello everyone!

    First, I understand your frustration, and you are right:

    Both holidays were extremely close together.

    That's one reason why I'll give you some extra time with the Mushrooms. <3

    The other reason is that Flo and me are sadly very busy aside from the game right now.

    Be aware that if I get the new regular plant ready within the next few days it might shorten the extra drop and breeding time I grant you. Okay? ;)

    If not you will have a little more than one extra week.

    And for the ingame news, it's as with the rest:

    Flo and me are trying to find shared time, that he can teach me more about how Flowergame ticks. As soon as this is done, we two hope Flowergame will be almost back to normal with only half as much crew as before.

    We are sorry for any inconvenience you might have had or will have.

    If there is anything you think, we can do something about, please write and we'll check into it as soon as possible.


    The mushrooms are out there again. :saint:

  • Thank you for extending the mushroom drops! I was not actually expecting it for this year, I was just hoping for the future. So thank you very much! <3

    You're coming out with a new plant again? How interesting! I like the new plants you've come up with so far. :)