Another Fireworks image not displaying

  • Hello, it seems that we have a new Fireworks image display problem.

    This Fireworks just matured today:

    And there is no image displaying in its spot in my Greenhouse, on its own item page or in my Compendium, even with several forced refreshes of the page.

    Here's the wiki page for the type of fireworks that I think it is (since I have the other two types, and they are displaying correctly):…g?id=en%3Aspecial_flowers

    However, I see that all types of Fireworks are displaying in MiaSkywalker's Greenhouse:

    But not in mine. So maybe this problem only affects the Fireworks that recently matured?

    I hope this can be resolved soon.

    Thanks in advance for your help, and for all you do to keep Flowergame running so well!

    P.S. My Compendium is still also not displaying "variant 3" (the newest type from this year), even though that type IS displaying in my Greenhouse.

  • Vanille: By "third variant", I suppose I meant variant 2 from the wiki. I only have one of those, and last year I didn't get any from the garden. Come to think of it, though, I bred my fireworks the second year, and only got variant 1. This year I got eight from the garden, and each one was variant 3. I'm not sure HOW to get variant 2, at this point. I've bred four, and they are at "sprout" stage (that's in quotes, because they're not really plants :) ), so I'm hoping I will get at least one of those. We'll also see if the images show up. So far it seems that all the invisible ones have been variant 3, so it's hard to say.

    A friend of mine on FG has a bunch of invisible fireworks plants, but she also has all three variants that are visible. I'm guessing the invisible ones are the newest variant, since that was the case with me. Actually, what happened to me is that ALL of the fireworks I got from the garden were the new variant, which did not exactly make me unhappy. :) I was a little surprised, however, and I'm wondering if somehow the old variants have inadvertently been retired, or if the code for determining which variant you get was strongly weighted towards the new variant.

    My compendium doesn't show the third variant either, so apparently whatever is going on with the images is affecting that as well. If FKrauthen can fix that, it might just cascade to fixing everything else with that image. :)

  • Yeah there is a strange bug going on. I am currently in the progress of moving everything flowergame related to the new server. As part of that I plan to move everyone over to the new codebase that should fix this issue and allow me to add new features faster and better.

  • You have my wish for the greatest of luck with your server move. And I sincerely hope it does not end up like the server changeover at one of my previous jobs, which took months to work right, knock on wood!!

  • fkrauthan I'm not sure if this problem is related or not, but rather than starting another thread I'll post this here:

    By my calculations, the "invisible" Fireworks plant that matured that day was either the 40th or my 41st plant that I raised to maturity.

    Therefore, it seems that the Forest Lake area should have been unlocked at that point... but so far (even after another additional plant maturing since then) it has not.

    Could it be that the glitch with the Fireworks plant display also somehow caused the Forest Lake unlocking to fail to be triggered?

    I'll appreciate if you can look into this, and hopefully I will be able to access that area soon.

    Thanks so much for your help! :)

  • UPDATE: The Post Pixie arrived today with a key to the Forest Lake area! <3

    I'm not sure whether you fixed this for me, or whether the problem fixed itself, but THANK YOU in any case.

    Also thanks to the lovely people who gifted bunnies to me! They are all now happily playing among the grass and clover in this new area. :)

  • Bei mir werden die älteren Neuen (bis 5.2.) nun angezeigt. Brandneue (ab 10.2.) aber nicht.

    Dazwischen hab ich keine. Vermutlich ist nun alles bis zum letzten manuellen Datenbankfix vorhanden, danach aber nicht...

    PS: In meinem Kompendium sind sie nun da.