Problem with images on forums

  • What is happening with all the images on the forums? I noticed that the posts were showing code instead of images, so I went to edit one of my posts. What I discovered is that in edit mode the images show, but when you get out of edit mode, those images go back to being code.

    Is anyone else seeing this? Or is it somehow just me? If it's just me, then it's probably an extension I have installed, but I would like to know if others are seeing it too.

    (The adoption thread is the easiest place to see the problem, since it's the most image-heavy.)

  • Just realized another problem with this issue. Usually the image leads to an actual link (gift link, lineage, the flower itself), but right now if you click it, it clicks to just the image. So you can't use these links to see the flower and view, say, the lineage, or to pick up the flower that's been posted in the thread.

    I'd say someone was trying to do something and forgot a bracket, or inadvertently added an extra bracket. Or put a comment within a comment, so the end of the second comment ended the first. I've done all of those things before, so I know that they can cause weird issues. :)

  • I'm wondering if this is ever going to be fixed. While the images being broken is minor, the links themselves don't work at all. For instance, if I post link to a seed, when you click on it, you will be brought to a "page" that is just the image of that seed. That means gifting links are completely broken right now, and the adoption thread has no function.

    I suspect it's an easy fix, like an extra bracket or a missing bracket in the code. I've done that many times, so I know that can cause this kind of effect.

  • Oh this is very strange. I wonder if the board with the last update did this automatic because of the new European privacy laws. I will have to evaluate if I can just reenable it or if I have todo some more investigation because of that.

  • Hm... I heard about those laws (wish we had them in the U.S.!), but if they did something here? That's very odd, all right.

    In that case, fixing it might be harder, because it might be back end. Then again, maybe there's just something you need to enable/disable.