Garden header

  • This has been bothering me for a while.. When others go to my garden (and greenhouse, atrium, etc.) They get the header that says Sroo's Garden (or Greenhouse, Atrium, etc). However as shown in the picture below, after the header in the text it speaks about sroo's garden. Do you see the difference?? :rolleyes:

    My username here is sroo (without capital letters) and it shows this correctly in most parts except for the headers all over the place. And even though I rarely see this header as I see it as My Garden (because I'm logged in), it bothers me as my username really shouldn't be capitalized. And sure I get that both words are capitalized (to a reason unknown to me) but why is that?

    So my suggestion is that could you please make the garden header say the username as it is written during log in without any additional capitalization. The word garden can be capitalized or not, that doesn't bother me as much..

  • I never thought about that before - I guess I never knew how others saw my garden. I, like you, have a username without capitalization. However, unlike you, it really doesn't bother me if it is capitalized or not in this instance.

    That being said, since it does bother you, I hope that they change it. :D

  • I think the reason for the capitalization is that in titles either all all important words ar capitalized or only the first word. In both cases the capitalization of your user name is correct.

  • I understand the capitalization rule for titles (first and last words are capitalized, all adjectives are caitilized ie.) However one could argue that you wouldn't have to capitalize iPhone as IPhone or eBay as EBay in these cases becuse of trademarks. So even though I don't have a trademark for sroo, I wouldn't capitalize it in this case.

  • Well for now its going to look the same just more modern software in the background. But our long term goal is to add new features and games.

    I'm glad the look is going to remain the same - I really like the background. ^^

    New features and games doesn't sound so bad. And I'm glad I found out about it now rather than having it all different one day when I come onto the site! Thank you!