Watched threads and other options

  • Thanks, Shelybear, but I am not subscribed to these - I just don't want to see them or have the little blue dot saying I haven't read a thread when it's not one I'm interested in, you know? In order to clear away the little blue dot, I have to go into each thread weather I want to or not because that's the only way for the blue dot to disappear.

  • There is an option to click them away from the right top corner of the board, it looks something like this ✅ and it marks all the topics read. I can't say exactly where it is since it doesn't show up on mobile for some reason. I hope this was the solution you were looking for ^^

    EDIT: Now that I'm not on mobile I can see it and it's in the same line as Unread Posts, Undone Threads, Watched Threads and in right side of the board, second icon from the left. It shows up when you are at the front page of the forum (not in any topic etc.).