Everyone's Invited! Now at Stage 4!

  • I'm trying to finish this - I don't like leaving things undone. Here's a quick link to those who want to just jump there:

    Help the PicEgg Grow!

    I have made a "PicEgg" for everyone on my website at truelinor.com! Everyone is invited to come visit my site and comment there in order to help the PicEgg grow!

    Here's how it works:

    • It has about 6 stages, if I remember correctly.
    • Each stage will take 10 comments from you and others on truelinor.com.
    • Come back to truelinor.com to visit and leave a comment every day - or as often as you can.
    • See the PicEgg evolve as each 10 comments are reached!
    • I will be posting this message at several of the other games I play so it'll be a joint effort to help the PicEgg grow!
  • Thanks, Anari and Mia! However, the comments that I am counting are the ones on my site. I've reworded the first post to hopefully make it clearer. Sorry for the confusion!

    (Of course, anyone can post here too! I'm certainly not saying you can't!)

  • I'm having an issue where the buttons to view the stages are on top of the picture, so I can't see them :( Is this with my computer or are other people having the same thing happen?

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  • Oh, really? I will fix it after work, OK? Or maybe I can fix it now if I have the time.

    I was just posting each stage and then was going to do all the stages at the end. Do you have a suggestion? Should I go back to just the stage that we're on at the time? I'm thinking that's what I'll do for now unless someone has a better idea....?