How do I get sunlight

  • Hiya how do I get sunlight r there sites like for dragoncave or? also How do I do the treasure hunt?

    Chhers(Just started) :?:

  • Besides putting your plant(s) in your signature is very helpful.

    Quoted from wiki:


    The solar radiation also get stronger by every visit of a flower-image in your own garden. Therefore it's recommended to put your flowers into your forum signatures. The BB-Code for signature links can be found on every flower's page. Just click on the portrait of the flower at your Your greenhouse.

  • Besides putting your plant(s) in your signature is very helpful.

    Quoted from wiki:

    That's slower, however. Some time ago, Exterminans told us that when he added the games, he made it so that forum views are less effective than they had been.

    SpiritLunar, it takes quite a few game plays and telling it to clear the clouds, before you finally see the sun with no clouds over it. When you do get it to that state, we've been told that you can tell the games to remove the clouds a few extra times, and it "gets ahead", so to speak. I'm not sure how far - Exterminans wouldn't tell us - but I usually clear the sun an extra two times after the sun is fully cleared, and it seems to last for about a day that way.

  • Hm I guess it depends on which forums you put in. I remember I have mine (only one plant) on DC and maybe one another. Since then I rarely need to remove the clouds for a long time. But I used to be more active before than today..

  • Hi Greenthumb!

    You don't have to post your flowers - if you have them in your sig you can just post about anything and that will be enough to take care of the sunshine. Of course, if it doesn't, you can always click on the "Could you make those clouds go away, please?" option that EmeraldsLyn mentioned.

  • The easiest way really is to play games, and select the option to remove the clouds. It's a little confusing since you want rainy clouds to water your plants, but you DO actually want to remove the clouds from around the sun.

    It takes a while (probably about a dozen games when you first join), but after you get the clouds cleared, it's usually pretty easy to keep them clear.