The Sci-fi and Fantasy thread

  • Doctor Who is GREAT stuff. I started watching that series in college, in the 80s. Some of the oldest episodes are black and white. Unfortunately, there was a fire at the BBC fifteen a decade or two back, and many of the older episodes were lost. While at the time it was considered "illegal" to copy episodes, the BBC was so desperate to get the footage back that they paid people to give them any illegal copies they had made. They got many episodes back, but the series had been going on for over 20 years then, and many episodes are now permanently lost. So some of the episodes I saw in the 80s I'll never be able to see again. There are some episodes they've re-released where they have gaps, and in the gaps they've put stills with the audio in it. (For some reason most of the audio wasn't destroyed. Perhaps they stored that elsewhere, I don't know.)

    The newer seasons are really good, too. Unfortunately, the only episode my sister ever watched - and she managed to catch this episode twice - was Blink. That episode scared me so much (both times that I watched it) that I had to sleep with a light on for two months! And I'm not kidding about that, really. :)

    Btw, Wrede is pronounced "Reedy". I didn't know that, and for many years I pronounced it "Reed".

  • I've only watched the new series of Doctor who (from Nine to Eleven), I'd love to see the older ones too, but the backlog is truly intimidating. I liked the earlier seasons of the new series, but I've steadily become less interested since they got rid of Donna. I'm probably not going to watch it when the next season starts.

  • It's too long. I am not sure which one I am watching but it scared me at first. Those creepy creatures, the last human, troll(?), living trees(I like her,though), phantom. I didn't thought it was like that. >.<
    But then, I found it attractive. Yeah I am fully prepared for surprise(or

    idril, I always watch those things in its original languages but with Chinese subtitles. Unfortunately I couldn't find DW's so I use an English subtitle,which is really a bit hard for me.

  • I think starting with Nine is fine if you're not sure you want to watch all of the show. You can always search the net for recaps of the earlier seasons and the new series itself is very forgiving towards those who haven't seen the older ones.

  • Lady Nova is right. Doctor Who is the kind of series you can kind of jump into the middle of. While there are many little in-jokes aimed at long-time fans, that won't stop someone who knows nothing about it from enjoying what they watch. Each episode can pretty much stand by itself, with very few exceptions.

  • *dustes thread*

    So, it´s been a few months. A lot has happend on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy front...

    Has anyone seen the new Star Wars Rebels cartoon? What do you think about it? Personally, I love it. The characters are great, expect maybe Chopper the Astromech. :S
    I was very delighted when they brought Lando in the last episode. :D Can´t wait what other "old" characters they'll bring back. I´m still hoping to see Ahsoka and Rex someday. :love:

    On other shows I watch:
    -Season 4 of Grimm is MUCH better than the previous one. I like it so far. Especially what happens to Juliette right now and how they will handle that. ;)
    -Same for Season 4 of Arrow. I´m wondering how Thea develops...
    -It´s spin-off The Flash is not so bad either. I´m wary of Dr. Wells. Not sure what his future role and hidden agenda is...
    - The first half of OUAT S4: Don´t quite know what to think about it. I never saw "Frozen", so I can´t really connect with those characters. I´m sad for Regina. She and Robin Hood did fit so well together. :( I´m glad they brought back the Knave. Still love his accent. :D And I want Hook in his pirate clothes back. X/

    -Then I did a rewatch of the complete Torchwood series, Deadwood and Firefly (which was waaaay too short).
    -And finally got round to watch the Merlin series I heard so much about. It was not bad, but nothing special either.
    -I TRIED to rewatch 24, but I couldn´t get passed the first three episodes. I just can´t bear it anymore....

    That´s it. Any other new shows I have missed and could be interesting?