Dragon Cave: Announcement Thread

  • Thank you for telling us! I ended up having to drop one to the AP, and then incu-hatch several others, but I managed then to get four of each of them.

    I thought the one that would be in all habitats would be easier than the one in the volcano, but boy, was I wrong about that!

  • Definitely not and it would have been nice to know that.

    Edit: I've read the news thread and there are many players who believe that the release is glitched. The other two drop for just few seconds and the gusty one is clogging up the alpine. I hope there's going to be some kind of explanation of what's going on :/

    It is a glitch, here's what TJ posted moment ago:


    Unfortunately, an extra breed that is definitely not yet ready to release appears to have snuck into this one. Because it's not ready yet and couldn't just left as-is, I've converted all of the eggs to the new breed that is available from the same biome.

    Sorry for any weirdness this is going to cause."

    Site was down for a moment and now my gusty eggs are musky. I would have loved to get to keep them but at least the situation is now back to normal. Also the mass drops seem to be over.

  • Yeah, I was skimming the thread while people were speculating on it, hoping there would be a post from TJ. I wasn't too surprised by his post, although I wasn't expecting any specific answer. I'm glad it worked out the way it did; too many people had been egg-locked after the first two eggs dropped, and didn't have room for the third one. I feel bad for those who dropped eggs in order to get that one, when it sort of turned vapor-ware, but it was still the most equitable action he could have taken.

  • It was bit of drama, I was watching the thread too. I did abandon two muskies but since I got two muskies out of those gusties I feel like no harm done. Plus there is now lineage project started with the glitched eggs and I'm taking part on it. We call them Gustitch and I can't wait to see how it turns out :)

  • They are just like normal muskies. What was said in the news thread that the glitched ones are from alpine and that is only little bit of proof that they were gusties. The time window wasn't big so the players just have to be honest about them.

    I hope that makes at least some sort of sense, I just walked almost 3 km in pouring rain and I'm soaked and tired :pinch: