What will be the new Valentine's Day plant?

  • You think orchards for Valentine's Day flower? I would be happy with that too! I can't wait to find out! ^^

    I have two plants from last year - I wonder if breeding them would give me a different plant - or if I could even breed them together or not? Anyone know?

  • I only have one Heart of Valentine. So I do nothing till to valentins day. What will come? Perhaps crossing with bleeding heard to Heart of Valentine? Perhaps, I think so, but I don't know. For sure we will use the Valentins event. I'm so happy before. :P

  • I hope that we'll be able to breed the Hearts of Valentine with the Bleeding Hearts - we could breed Jack-o-Lanterns with pumpkins and Christmas Trees with Poinsettias. I'm looking forward to seeing if there's a new plant, too, although I sort of hope it's not a rose...roses are real plants and it seems that most (not all) of the holiday plants are imaginary.
    I'm sure that it'll be great no matter what happens, though. The holiday events on here have always been very interesting.

    I speak English. I do not know how to speak German, so I use a translator. I am sorry if it's hard to understand the translation./ Ich spreche Englisch. Ich kann nicht Deutsch sprechen, also benutze ich einen Übersetzer. Es tut mir leid, wenn es schwierig ist, die Übersetzung zu verstehen.

  • Last years Valentin's Days plants can be crossbred with Bleeding Hearts to get an alt from 2010. Breeding two Bleeding Hearts might also work, but by a much lower chance. Breeding will be possible starting on 8th of february and will end on 15th of february, there will only be enough time for a single attempt per couple.

    There will be a new regular plant beeing release on Valentin's day as well and one or more new secrets to discover.

    Funfact: From Valentin's day on, there will be OVER 100 different adult sprites for plants on flowergame. And it's just a matter of time until you can have a total of 200 different entries in your compendium. Yet another surprise is about to come and another one is beeing worked on. Time for another "whoever makes the best guess gets an exclusive surprise"?

  • Uh, maybe sprites wasn't the right word. I meant flower related graphics or in other terms a total of 200 different seeds, sproutlings and adult plants.