click thread

  • Seems pretty straight forward. most adoptables sites that have a forum have a click thread or a few sometimes. Currently the rules state our plants can only be in our signatures, but a click thread would be a good idea also, i think.

  • Well, the plants on this site can be watered and have the clouds removed purely by the user playing games; you don't have to have other people click on them to make them grow. It takes a lot of clicks from other people in order to keep a single plant growing, whereas the player can keep their garden growing fairly easily. (I think I need to play four or so games per day to keep my seeds watered and to keep the sun away. Or maybe a few more; I don't really keep track.)

    There is the abandoned gardens thread, where we post links to plants and gardens that appear to be abandoned, but players who are active don't really need that.

    I'm not sure why we need a click thread, unless you're thinking a click thread for other adoptable sites? There are a few of those already, in the Off Topic forum. Various other games have their own threads; it's a good way for people to know about events on those other sites, as well as to know who else is on them, and a way of exposing your clickables for other players to click them.

    I may be misunderstanding what you're asking for. If so, please let me know. :)

  • I was under the impression that clicks/views from other users had a greater impact on our plants, though it sounds like you're saying they don't have that much impact at all. If that's the case then i don't see the need for a click thread.

  • Another issue is, each user is only allowed to click on a certain number of other players' plants per day; after that, none of our clicks do anything. It's not that large of a number; I think something like 20 or 30? I don't remember anymore. It became more obvious to us after we had the Abandoned Gardens thread going, because for the first certain number of clicks, we'd be clearing out clouds and/or watering the seeds, and after that, nothing would happen anymore.

    Fortunately, that number is NOT tied in with clicking on your own plants. Every 24 hours you can click on each of your own seeds and seedlings and pick up a snail (assuming you've already completely watered the garden and removed the clouds), which speeds up their growing time. That's on a separate counter for your clicks on other players' plants. I think at first it wasn't, but Exterminans fixed it when he realized that.

    Oh, and you can only click on a plant in someone else's garden once. Once you've clicked a specific plant, clicking on that plant again doesn't do anything. I think that resets every 24 hours or so, but again, I'm not sure of the timing. You can still click on each of that person's seeds, you just can't click a single seed more than once and have it do anything the subsequent times.