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    I was under the impression that clicks/views from other users had a greater impact on our plants, though it sounds like you're saying they don't have that much impact at all. If that's the case then i don't see the need for a click thread.

    Seems pretty straight forward. most adoptables sites that have a forum have a click thread or a few sometimes. Currently the rules state our plants can only be in our signatures, but a click thread would be a good idea also, i think.

    Thank you, I'm glad to be here.

    Well, I'm autistic, and oftentimes it's hard for me to make friends. It just always seemed so overwhelmingly difficult to me to get to know a person, to wade through social situations I struggle in, only to find out that I didn't mesh well with them and all the effort was wasted.

    So I started to put together a list of questions I would want to know to see how well I would get along with a person, what hobbies we shared etc. So I can just give this questionnaire to someone, tell them they can answer questions on it as fast or slow as they like, and then if they give me answers back, I'll not have to wade through all the social stuff only to have it not be worth it. I get to skip the social STRUGGLES of initially getting to know someone and just, y'know, get to know them. And it works both ways. I can easily hand over my answers at any time if they want them.

    It's far from finished though, because people keep pointing out questions to add that I miss, which is 100% fine.

    So I noticed that on the main site, it's not possible to add friends. I think this would be a good feature that would allow us to check on our friends gardens much easier.

    Greetings everyone. I love gardening, so finding an adoptables game with that theme was great news. I love anime, Go/Baduk/Weiqi, and a wide range of physical hobbies. Lately my big thing is running. I'm trying to improve my mile time (frustratingly close to an 8 minute mile). I am also the creator of the ever-more-complex Friend Questionnaire. Anything you want to know beyond this can be asked of me and i shall answer to the best of my ability.