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    yes lorimmel, that's exactly what i mean. :-)

    it has nothing to do with liking a certain year's tree any better, but creating a balance between each years trees.

    i don't know enough of percentages to give a good examples with numbers, but i 'll try, using this year as an example. this is roughly how it *should* be.

    For parentless seeds picked up from the garden, the likelihood of getting any particular variant:

    new variant #1 = 25% chance
    new variant #2 = 25% chance

    all five variants from 2010 & 2011 = 10% equal chance each

    every Xmas the percentages would change a bit as new variants are added but would always add up to 50% divided amongst the total number of all new variant + 50% divided the total number of all past variants.

    for bred seeds:

    2010 variant #1 =18% chance
    2010 variant #2 =18% chance
    2010 variant #3 =18% chance

    2011 variant #1 =12% chance
    2011 variant #2 =12% chance

    2012 variant #1 =6% chance
    2012 variant #2 =6% chance

    every Xmas the percentages would change a bit as new variants are added but would be along the same lines- the older the tree the higher chance you have of getting it through breeding, and the previous years trees would have the lowest chance of getting it through breeding.

    if you ask why-
    if the parentless seed ratio is adjusted to be in favor of the current seeds for any given year, players will have a lot more current trees to trade. if the bred seeds ratios are *also* in favor of producing the new variants or if the chance of getting past variants is the same for all of them, then you will end up with the problem we had last year with the burning tree- players with lots & lots of the new variants with hardly any of the older styles available to even be trade for. *

    i really hope something can be worked out to adjust this before the event is over & we have a lot of sad gardeners.

    *and yes, i agree that last year we should have had it where either *all* previous years trees were breed only, or *all* previous years trees were available through the garden. i understand wanting to make the game fun & challenging, but it's no longer fun & challenging when nobody can figure out how things are supposed to work until it is too late to implement them properly. :-(

    See, and that's compounding the issue. It's RANDOM whether a new or old seed is bred or found in the wild. There's no logic to this. Perhaps this year we'll even find burning trees in the wild, and then why should anyone even bother doing any breeding at all? What's the point?

    I really think that the new seeds should be MOSTLY new tree types, and only a FEW of them old tree types randomly interspersed in. And the bred trees should ONLY be old tree types. Otherwise we don't know what we should try to do to get the types of trees we want to get.

    This is frustrating!

    i agree with what everyone has said so far. it's actually really disheartening to have such a small chance for the new variants, and frustrating to grow batch after batch and not get one. many players old *and* new will miss out on them. i know that at least one of last years new variants ended up being hard to get for most people- which of course also makes it really hard to trade for them.

    the seeds in the garden really should be skewed toward getting each years new variants, with a much smaller chance of getting a past release. breeding should produce old variants only. i'd even suggest that the older a past variant is, the higher chance we have of getting it by breeding. so say for next year, Christmas 2013, the chances for breeding a 2010 tree would be highest, a 2011 tree medium, a 2012 tree lowest...and so on for each consecutive year.

    hope that made sense, i'm really tired right now. ?(

    nonnymouse and trulinor have burning trees from 2010 that are parentless.

    this burning tree is from 2011 and was bred. i don't think anyone got a burning tree from the wild garden last year, so i'm guessing they were breed only.

    this year, i'm not sure. if it's like the jack o lanterns, we would be getting last years alts from breeding, and 2010's from the garden. since we don't know, i'm going to balance bred and wild seeds about equally until the first batches of trees grow up. hopefully by then it will be a little more clear what is available to us this year and how to get it.

    The way I understand it, and there's a post from a mod somewhere, you can only get past years alts by breeding, and the new alts with the hat are PARENTLESS in the Wild Garden.

    Yay! :D then I'll either get one or the other of my two favorites. I sure need to plan next years catching/breeding better :wacko:

    My first batch got me 2 of the 2010 alt jack and one 2011 alt I already had (if anyone needs a "gourdy-looking" pumpkin, let me know). I can only hope the two jack seeds I got from the wild garden yesterday give me at least one of this year's alts and I'm begging on bended knee that the one bred seed from my Audreys is the new alt.

    now I'm confused- do this years jack seeds from the wild garden produce the witch hat alt only, or do they also produce the '10/'11 versions?

    I bred my "gourdy" jacks and only got more of the same (my least favorite unfortunately) so the next two pairs I grabbed parentless from the garden.....i really hope i get this years version (though i wouldn't mind another '10 jack)

    *bites nails again*

    thanks elery! mine *just* sprouted- i've been checking them something like every 15-30 minutes the whole time i've been online, LOL. but now that i think of it, my first set of seeds took more than 4 days to sprout too, and the were fully watered/sunned the whole time.

    i picked up & watered three seeds on monday, then our internet had problems & was out til yesterday. I was able to water them again on thursday, but they still haven't sprouted, and i'm worried they that they won't sprout before the event ends.....does anyone have a good guesstimate of when they might sprout, or exactly when the event ends? *bites fingernails*nevermind, they just did! :thumbsup:

    Wow, there's only one bred red one.

    How are you thinking two people could work together?

    well, people could trade bred roses that fit their lineage criteria and have therefore bredd long lineages without having to own a bazillion of their own roses to start with. also, plants that don't breed the way people hope them to can be gifted to others who would be happy just to get whatever color that rose is and don't care about lineages.
    i'm sure there are more helpful options but i am really tired and kinda loopy from pain meds so the brain is on autopilot right now. X-D

    i'm not objecting to you enforcing rules/TOS, that is your job, nor am i saying that the refresh watering wasn't causing server issues- i mentioned the MS attacks merely to show that people can & do purposely attack adoptable sites, both small and large.

    what bothers me in this situation is that you knew TWO MONTHS ago, that calenlass was refresh-watering peoples plants, and your only reaction at the time was that "Autoload will not work" and that it slows down the server. again, you did not mention that she was violating any rules or the TOS, nor did you ask her to stop. you gave NO indication whatsoever that what she was doing is prohibited. my question remains- why wasn't anything said then?

    commenting on the refresh watering without telling her she was doing something wrong gives the impression of tacit approval, so how could she have known there was a problem? and you may not realize this, but your warning to her comes off more like a personal attack, and also sounds as if she knew what she was doing violated rules but she did it anyway, or was doing it to purposely mess with the game. that is why i say it is harsh, and the fact you did not make any mention of TOS violation long ago when you had the chance to, is why i say that this situation was poorly dealt with, and why i agree with calenlass that it is unethical.

    Quote from calenlass

    Usually when I see any plants without any water whatsoever, I reload it until the water droplets get filled. My home computer allows me to put plants on auto reload to water them, so what I do is, have different tabs open with all the plants with very few or without any water and put them on auto-reload and then go do other things. I'd come back occasionally and check on them to see how much water they've gotten. I'm usually clicking links on Yarolds and when I come across any plants like that, I sic my auto-reload on them

    Yes, that's what I thought too...and my work computer does support this because it doesn't add any water droplets to plants no matter how many times I reload a page. By some miracle though, my home computer actually enables me to do this, I don't know how or why.

    Exterminans, i'm sorry but I have to side with calenlass here. the above quotes show that you knew that she watered people's abandoned plants with the auto reload, and you did not make any mention of it being against the rules then, nor did you ask her to stop. a sudden threat of account deletion seems both over the top and very harsh when no prior warning was given. even if you are absolutely certain that it was calenlass' refreshing that caused server problems, you could have stated it more diplomatically, and preferably privately. it's even more troubling to see her given a public tongue lashing in light of how mellow & easy going this forum is. i think that this was handled very poorly on your part.

    EDIT: a couple of months ago magistream went down because of outside attacks, and many people there commented that it was happening at other adoptable sites too. it is not inconceivable that an attack could have occured here too.