Can't touch this

  • The latest update brought a couple of optimizations for smartphones and tablets:

    • Fixed initial zoom level on mobile devices
    • Added support for various screen sizes
    • Increased font size in top navigation
    • Added touch support to the "falling things" minigame
    • Added touch support to the "flower chains" minigame
    • Added drag&drop support to the "flower chains" minigame

    This should hopefully make the game much more enjoyable on devices with touchscreens.

    Should you experience problems with the minigames or the page layout, please report.

  • Interesting! I came to play the flower chain minigame and was surprised at the changes. I tapped as I did it before and it does not work and tried dragging instead with my fingers. I knew some changes were made!

    I appreciate and love these changes as I'm frequently using my tablet.

  • @Exterminans: Oh, really? :P I didn't notice. I was happy enough. I forgot that clicking and dragging with a mouse on a laptop or a desktop will work, so it should also work that way on the tablet after you added in the drag feature.
    ^^ I love it.

    On an unrelated feedback, I'm not used to the zoom changes. I cannot see the lovely border anymore with this zoom changes. Is this supposed to happen? I'm not extremely particular since it does not affect game play. :P The border simply looks lovely to look at. :D Hehe. I don't really mind if this is intended.

  • The border on the sides? Yes, it's hidden by default on mobile devices, as the screens are typically rather small, so I don't want to waste screen space on these. I have yet to figure out, how to distinguish smartphones from larger tablets with regard to that.