Session expired

  • I've been getting this message a lot lately, particularly if I've been writing a post and then click "submit". I keep myself logged in, and viewing the forum works fine. I don't usually spend more than a couple of minutes writing a post (I touch type 80 wpm), so I really do not understand this.

    I end up having to copy the text into Notepad, close the thread I'm trying to post on (just refreshing that thread does NOT help), refresh the main forum page, go back to the thread, paste what I had written into a new reply, and then I can submit. Yes, I have to go through that whole rigmarole; anything else just doesn't work.

    Any ideas? Is it maybe a setting in Chrome? I just don't know what to look for.


  • Oh, that's too bad, Mia! I've had the session expire on me too, but it was sometime since I was on the computer last, so I can understand it. I close the forum and open it again from my garden. I use Firefox. (Just thought I'd add that for your information.)