Logging in Issue

  • Hi!

    I thought that I had made an account here a year ago about (can't remember exactly)? Though I could not remember my username or e-mail that I used and I can find no information on any of my e-mail accounts for this site, so I assumed that it might not have been this website that I was remembering and thought that maybe it was just a different website that I had joined, so I created a new account here. However, I keep trying to log in to the garden/greenhouse with my log in credentials that I just made, and it says that my e-mail and username are invalid (I did activate my account). I can't seem to get it to work properly for some reason. I don't know why it shows me logged in here on the forum, but then when I try to add a seed to my greenhouse a login request appears and my credentials don't match when I try to log in?

    Any help or suggestions for this? It makes me wonder if I did make an account here before and the log in is just not working for me? So if this is the case, I did not intend to make a duplicate account. :/ I hope that this is fixable.

  • @EmeraldsLyn
    I used my forum username "Hurdreve" to try and log in when the log-in request appeared after trying to obtain a seed. Next I used my e-mail to try to log in, but that did not work either (I did try to log in before making this account, but the usernames I tried did not exist/match, nor did my e-mails, so maybe I did not make an account here before? If I did make an account before, I can't remember what name I might have made at the time. :/

    Edit. I am part of a lot of gaming and pet type of sites, so I might be confusing this place with another. I'm not sure.

  • @EmeraldsLyn

    Thanks again! :)

    I just found out that I did already create an account on the Flowergame, since it said my e-mail is already in use. After messing around with my long list of usernames that I use on different sites, I finally figured it out ("Evermore"). So I am glad that I found that out. I have such a bad memory. Is it a problem if my username on the forums isn't the same as my one in the flowergame?

  • Hurdreve: It's not really a problem, except that it may occasionally be confusing to people when they gift you or receive a gift from you. I think there's a way to show something about ourselves in our profile, and you might let people know your garden name there. Or perhaps put the garden name in your sig for a while.

    For the most part, it won't matter. We can access your garden via links, and the links themselves use a garden number. It's only if someone gets a plant from you, they might thank thank your garden name instead out of confusion. :)

    Welcome back!

    Edit: Just tried to access the garden you have in your About Me profile, and it says that it doesn't exist. I don't know if you can fix that, but maybe you can change what the garden number is to match what yours actually is. Not sure how, though. :( Your garden number is actually 8391, not 7098.