New Event for Christmas

  • :D Greetings! It's been a long time since the Treasure's Hunt in the Garden has been up. :) I suppose for Christmas, there should be a new event? Something simple like the Christmas market.
    I understand that the artists have their busy lives out but I think it's just a time for change. The new things are what makes the game wonderful and worth playing.

  • I never thought the Christmas market was all that simple - or are you talking about from a coding perspective?

    Well, in terms of the idea. The Christmas market was simple and beautiful- it's just not easy to play through it (especially since I'm on an iPad and clicking is very difficult.). In terms of coding, I'm not really familiar on the subject but I imagine it to be fairly simple as it may be similar to making hyperlinks in Powerpoint, and also similar with that of the Treasure Hunt. I believe the coding for the Easter Hunt is more difficult as the egg changes location. :P Sorry couldn't give much opinion to coding. I leave that to the experts.