HoV in the Wild Garden

  • I just found some parentless Heart of Valentine seeds in the Wild Garden. So has breeding begun or not? Since when are they dropping?
    Why wasn´t there an announcment?
    And are the seeds in the garden the new variants and older ones can only be bred?


    A notification would be nice before or when an event starts... :|

  • Ah, yes, thank you.
    A notification would still have been nice, though.... :whistling:
    Also, which variants can be obtained from the Wild Garden and which are breed-only?

    I hope the ratios are not the same desaster like the last Christmas star. :/

  • First time I've ever seen HOV seeds in the garden. In the past they were always only obtainable either by breeding, or by doing something in the event. My guess would be that if we're still doing the event this year, that seed will be guaranteed to be whatever the new breed is, but who knows if otherwise they will be breed only, or obtainable from the wild.

    It's kind of cool that we can get so many parentless this year. It would have been nice to have gotten a notification. Glad you posted, Idril - I've been waiting without seeds for over a week now, anticipating when this would start!

  • blobber: I was thinking the same thing. Someone said that there is enough time for two batches, but I don't see it. Even with speed ups it takes over 3 days to germinate a batch of seeds, and we only HAVE three days. If I'm lucky, and I happen to be online when mine germinate (and I remember to check them at that exact time) then I might have a chance at a second batch. But it's iffy.

    Even one more day would have been helpful. Only those of us who happened to be on when the seeds first dropped have even a slight chance of a second batch. This is really cutting things very close for people.

    I hate to be negative about it, since I am glad the staff are doing anything at all, but I'm very sad. I just hope the shut off for the event doesn't happen immediately, as is sometimes the case.