Flight Rising

  • Has anyone here heard of Flight Rising? Anybody love dragons or fantasy settings? I've been a beta tester for it, along with my girlfriend, since January.

    Today is the last day of the beta period and all accounts will be wiped, BUT the kickstarter for donations has been opened and they have already reached their first stretch goal. The live version will probably be open around June, though no exact date is set. I can honestly say I've had a ton of fun playing and I think it's much more fun to get in on the ground floor of a game 8D

    "On the horizon is an exciting world of dragons, creatures, and exploration. Flight Rising will be a web-based activity site featuring dragon breeding, adventuring, and collecting. Make friends, play games, and grow your clan! "

    If anyone is interested, I'm up for questions and I'm going to list where you can look into it for yourselves!

    Flight Rising Homepage - site will be open but read-only for one week from today!

  • And here I thought my thread had died before it even began!
    I hope you're both enjoying the game! :) I got your friend's request and added you, KimiLavendar.

    Here are my starters:

  • Does anyone else here play it? I joined during the last registration window and I've been having a blast there.

    For those of you who don't know about it, it's a web game where you collect dragons, but unlike Dragon Cave, you don't steal eggs, but have to breed your own dragons to get more (you get a pair for signing up) or trade with other people. Also, breeding is different as the dragons have genetics they can pass on to their offspring. There's also the exalting mechanic, where you basically let go of your dragons and they'll be permanently removed from the cave and doing so will benefit both you and your Flight. Flights are basically teams, based on eleven elements (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light, Shadow, Nature, Plague, Arcane, Ice and Lightning) that you sort yourself into.

    The community there is a lot like this one, though much bigger, very welcome and kind to newbies.

    There's going to be another registration window tomorrow if anyone's interested in joining.


  • I thought we already have a FR thread :P Whatever <3

    Same here. I joined at last registration because well, lots of my friends are on that and they recommended it highly. I joined Arcane flight but not very active on that. I have to admit, far beyond active on FR than here. Which flight are you in?

  • Yeah, we had one already XD I started it but let it fall off the first page, because there seemed to be very little interest in it here.

    Are there any other FR players here now? What are your account names? My account is the same as here: "JCStitches." I'd like to add anyone here to my friends list! I just love Flight Rising, I've been playing since it first opened a year ago and it's got a great community <3

    I'd be happy to help any newbies ... or older players, for that matter ;P

  • Sorry, I didn't really research the forum before posting.

    I'm LadyNova on FR too and part of the Nature flight. And I'm more active there too, though mostly on the game itself. The size of the forums there scares me a bit, so I tend to stick to my team.

  • No need to apologize :)

    And I'll add you, hope you won't mind! I also find the size of the forum community a little too overwhelming. I'm usually only active in the Help forum and sometimes Guides or Bug Reports. It seems fitting for a Light Flight player, anyway!

  • actually i saw the old thread and was debating posting in it but decided agaisnt it since i thought it would be necro-ing a dead thread. although activity is pretty quiet here so it wouldn't have been a problem, i suppose.

    anyways, my username is the same over there: Emeraldis!! :D feel free to friend me there. i've been playing for a couple months, but the semester is closing and i have a lot of work to do, so i'm taking a brief break.

    as for wasting time... mostly i just browse through the dragons wanted or item sales boards. sometimes i play tidal trouble, but it gets very monotonous fairly quickly. same with the coliseum, but it's a good source of food, so i play that for longer than i do tidal trouble.

    and jcstitches, i actually stumbled upon your account over there about a month or two ago. :D debated sending you a friend request but i wasn't sure if that would be weird, since the other thread here is dead.

  • I rarely spend time on FR. Playing mini games and fighting against beasts are boring for me. Repeating the same actions for a time (in game) is just impossible to me, I will switch to other things the moment I get bored. And for Coliseum, it can't process when you switch to another tab bothers me much.

    @Exterminans Perhaps there's a way to merge two threads?

    EDIT: Thanks :)

  • @Exterminans Thank you, for merging the threads!

    @Emeraldis Added you! Oh, you stubbled on my account? XD I think it's really fun when I discover someone from a site I enjoy playing on yet another site I love (and visa versa), so I wouldn't have thought it was weird! I read your profile and I was wondering - Is your name Jennifer too? Anyway, good luck and study hard :thumbsup: Got to get that school work done first.

    When I'm stressed, I find it relaxing to play a repetative game - so Tidal Trouble helps me cool off. Other than that, I'm more of a "collector" than a "gamer." I play Coliseum only to collect what I need to get one of everything! I think I enjoy the Festival Week the most, because it makes it more interesting when I can hunt down chests and currency.

  • @JCStitches yup, i think i was poking through the lineages of my dragons, heh. i find it really interesting because there is always so many different flights in one dragon's lineage!!! and yes, my full name is jennifer, although i prefer jen since it's less formal to me, and easier to spell (for some reason anybody spelling my name thinks it's got some sort of odd spelling)... and jenny just sounds weird. :/ and thank you!! got four straight days of finals... and then sweet, blessed summer... *dons sunglasses in preparation* B)

  • @Emeraldis Funny thing is that's my name too, and I go by Jen for the same reasons XD; That's why I asked. And interesting lineages is why I really don't have interest in Gen 1s like some other players. It's fun to see your dragons ancestory!

    By now you must finally be enjoying (the first day of?) summer! I hope finals went well? I guess now you're doing some pretty hardcore relaxing ;P