Looking for someone called Ebonyous!

  • For the past year and a half I have enjoyed playing Mondo Zoo. I am a member of the Zoolander's group and have been almost since I started. Actually, when I started, I couldn't figure out the game right away, so I left it alone for about six months and when I came back I really got into it. I was wondering if there are any other flowergamers who play? I know some of you do, since some of you have now joined the Zoolanders group with me, which I think is very cool! :thumbup:

    If you'd like to join, feel free to click on my banner below! It helps me out when you do - just wanted to be up front (honest) with you. :)

  • That's funny - that's what I thought about Zoolanders. (Named after a movie, right? :pinch: )

    How many people are in your group? Are they very active on the wall?

    We have 13 at the moment, but we have had more. And we've been pretty active over the years - sometimes I haven't even been able to keep up with the convo on the wall, but it has toned down some now and it's easy to keep up. Of course, it's been pretty slow over the holidays, everyone so busy and such. It usually does that though.

  • We're 14 (were 23 once) and no, our board is pretty quiet nowadays. Basically there's only the 'happy new year' and 'grats on winningxy' comments. Never thought of leaving, though, it's nice and cosy. And I'm the group leader, too. :D (By accident)
    In Veto we're more active on the board but you only have three partners in a clinic, so it's quite private.

    Sent you a welcome-present. No wyverns, unfortunately. ;)

    I'd like to trade this black rose for another black with same-colour parents!

  • Oh, sorry - you asked about Veto. I tried it once, but I never got into it. I know there are some in our group who are really into it and they will talk about it some, but I never could get the hang of it. I was in a private practice at first, then a friend asked me to join in a group practice so I did, but I didn't add much and I'm afraid I just made more work for her. We both finally agreed it would be best for me to leave. She's someone I know in RL, so there were no hard feelings or anything. We're still friends! ^^

    What's "wyverns"?

  • What's "wyverns"?

    A plural form that doesn't exist. :D

    It's a dragnonlike creature I once owned on MagiStream and gave away when I stopped playing but now tempestsea owns one of its offspring.


    Oh, wasn't renoirpepsi a zoolander, too? And Morlaine?

    I'd like to trade this black rose for another black with same-colour parents!

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  • I know them from mondo, they are (or rather were in renoirpepsi's case) my Veto partners and we also started Zoo Park together (but I quit after a while as I didn't think it was fun).

    My group does not have a website but I sometimes go to a private German forum - didn't the Zoolanders have a forum, too? I might even be registered there...

    I'd like to trade this black rose for another black with same-colour parents!

  • Yes, I've been to the German one, just to look around since I can't read German. And I'm registered at our own, but I haven't been there in a long time. But we also have a website for our group - would you like me to send you the url so you can look it over? You won't be able to sign up for it, or if you do, I'll kick you out of it, :P lol, since the private part is just for the group. I would think, if you are so inclined, that it would be easy, howbeit time consuming, to start a site for your group if you wanted to. (Hope that made sense!)

  • I've seen your website and don't worry, I have no intention to snoop around in your private section. ;) Just as I have no intention in creating a site for my group - I guess we're all (me included) too casual about the game and it wouldn't be worth the time and effort. E.g. I need some more gold medals for my next level and the only way to get them would be by winning one of the weekly competitions. However most of the time I even forget to register for a competition and hardly have a chance of winning anyway as in most weeks I only visit my zoo four or five times.

    I'd like to trade this black rose for another black with same-colour parents!

  • I used to play MondoZoo, but it took just too much time. Buying stock for the shop, food for the animals, hiring help, keeping up with who was dying and when to breed new ones. I tried MondoVeto, too, but gave up after 3 days. I got an A in nuclear physics, but couldn't figure out the first thing about that game. I play the MondoZooPark, though. It's easy and nice. I go only when I feel like it and can get all my "chores" done in 10-15 minutes a day, because I could care less about winning contests or such.
    I used to play a lot of time-consuming games and got really serious about a couple, but having my parents to care for cured me of that addiction. Now I like the sort of game site I can visit for 10-15 minutes three times a week and still feel like I'm making some headway.


  • I understand where you're coming from, Froglady. I don't really spend a great deal of time on my zoo - just check it almost every day for about 10 - 15 minutes, or less when I'm in a hurry. They have made some great improvements to the game like being able to fill the kitchen with one click and it does it automatically the right percentages of each kind of food. Nice! Also, the newborns and the dead animals are so much quicker to sort through - just two or three clicks! There are other things too, like the Mondo Album where you can save up for animals. And when you are in a group, you can get more ingredients for your Album, which is nice.

    If you ever want to try it again, let me know - perhaps you'd like to join our group. Or perhaps another group. But I would strongly urge you to join a group - I feel like there are a lot of advantages to belonging in a group. :thumbup:

    Look for a PM from me on another matter. :)