Breeding Bug?

  • Hi! I decided to breed my witch mushrooms today, and noticed that even after they are bred, they have the option to breed again. Trying to breed them with something that has bred refreshes the page and produces no seeds, but they all still allow me to get to the breed page and all show up on other mushroom breed pages. It's nothing serious, but a little something odd...

  • I've noticed a similar bug. My new purple witch mushroom has no breed option, my old red ones have it - but when I click on "breed", they show only the purple one as breeding partner. I haven't tried actual breeding because I have no free spots.

  • I cannot speak to Alia's problem, but mine still exists. All of my mushrooms say they can breed still, but 4 of the 5 have produced 2 children between them in the last couple days, and the last still has the breed option and all the others in the list as potential mates, but cannot produce seeds with them. Again, it's not a serious bug, but mine still is not actually fixed :)

  • Things are still goofy in my greenhouse. I bred two of my witch mushrooms, #58142 and #58292 which produced seed #59457 on 4/30. Those parents still show breed in their actions options, which takes you to the breeding list which excludes my third grown witch mushroom #58293 which hasn't been bred. Nothing happens if you do attempt breeding those two. The funny thing is the third witch mushroom #58293 which wasn't bred does NOT have breed in the actions list on it's page. Though that might be normal since there is actually no potential breeding partner available.

  • This is getting ridiculous, never made so many mistakes in a row.... This should have been the last bug.