Easter/bunnies etc...

  • Yes, they are called "cherries" in English, too. The red fruit inside of which is the seed or "bean".
    Civet cats used to be slaughtered for the perfume trade (to get their anal glands for the perfume essence). So women used to smell of civet's behinds, now we drink coffee that comes from there. Seems a shame for the animal to die for either purpose, just to get money. Animals slaughtered for food that give us other products (leather from cows, pigs and sheep, for example) is different, somehow.

  • I went to Bali last month for a vacation and visited a coffee plantation. They produced coffee flavored with lots of different things and they kept a few civets in cages and only fed them fruits and the coffee berries and then collect the droppings to make the kopi luwak. I felt really sorry for the animals because they were really skinny little things and I'm sure were totally malnourished. 100g of the kopi luwak was US$150. For being caretakers of the world, mankind sure knows how to make other species suffer for their own material gain.