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    I beg to differ. I have been doing the auto-reload for watering other people's plants for YEARS so if this was causing an issue, why has it only happened recently and not before? If it was the cause, I would have appreciated a notice that about that instead of an attack of "if I catch you again". I did not do the reloading for my own personal gain but to help others get their plants watered so to be accused of causing a server crash which seems to have only happened recently(and I'm the only available scapegoat) and "causing trouble" is going a little too far, so thank you very much.

    calenlass, don't do that ever again, ok? You caused this trouble: Pages loading very slowly or not loading at all

    Using automated tools is against the rules for a good reason. If i catch you ever again using an auto refresher or such tools, your account will be history. This also goes for everybody else. Using yarolds or other visitor exchange sites is fine to me, but using auto refreshers oder scripts is a violation of the rules.

    Well, you should have said before a long time ago that it was against the rules since I never realized that trying to give water was against the rules. Also you stated before that we were only programmed to give a certain amount of water a day and when I said that my home computer was able to give more water, you never pointed out that it was against the rules so threatening me with "account being history" is not very ethical, even though we know it's YOUR game and we are only playing in your garden. Flowergame never slowed down for me when I was reloading so if you had told me before it was causing an issue on your part, I wouldn't have bothered with helping these plants grow. With all due respect, I do not really appreciate being told off like this when I was never made aware there was a problem in the first place.

    Ok, I get kinda confused when I read about the colors of the Marvel Fern...first it's pink and orange, then it's pink and yellow, then it's yellow and orange.

    I see the new ones as yellow and pink...unless my lasik operation has made me color blind. Can we confirm what colors they really are? :S

    Will get to it when I get home from work, since I'm sick and can't go out clubbing :rolleyes: Let's see if we can get them fully watered. It's a good thing the plants don't die from being left alone so long. I remember when I first joined Flowergame, plants would wilt and die if their waterdrops are empty. They used to look so sad, I'm happy that feature has been removed. I'd rather the plants just go into hibernation than actually dying, that way we get a chance to help them grow, no matter how long it takes.

    Edit: Okay, all watered fully now :thumbup: