Questions on Watering, Plant Lists, and Events

  • Hi, new player here! I read the FAQ but please forgive me if I missed anything (I can delete this thread if so). I've been playing for a couple weeks and have some questions.

    1) I'm aware there is a setting on our accounts that lets us stop people from interacting with our gardens. However, I've noticed that when I click on some people's gardens, I can interact in certain ways but not others. For example, when I visit a greenhouse, it will let me bend a branch to let in more sunlight, but when I notice their plants are low on water, it will not let me water them. Then, in someone else's greenhouse, I was able to do both. And in another person's greenhouse, I watered some of their plants, but then it stopped showing me the watering prompt before I could get to the rest. So my question is: How exactly does watering other people's plants work? Are there some kind of conditions that need to be met or that decide when you can/can't help, apart from that account setting?

    2) I see on the wiki that there are lists of plants, special and regular. Are these lists mostly up to date? I picked up Bellflower seeds recently but don't see them on the list of regular plants.

    3) I see that there are special holiday plants (I have one so far, from a postal pixie) and have looked at the Special Flowers and Events pages on the wiki. It looks like the Events page hasn't been updated in a while, but I believe I see on the forums that the last couple events were automated rather than manually started by the devs. Does anyone know if for Halloween, the seeds will start dropping beforehand or if it's more likely to start on Halloween? I'm really excited about Halloween seeds and don't want to miss anything!

    Thank you in advance for any help or answers! I really like this game a lot! :)

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  • Answering your first question, plants need to have fewer than four drops of water for other players to be able to water them - if they have four or more, you can only bend a branch. And there is a limit on a number of times you can use that option in one garden - and also in one day (I think it resets every 12 hours but I'm not certain).