Witch mushrooms or Walpurga's Night -- please activate these

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    Since the timing for these is supposed to be coming soon, could the drops and breeding for these be turned on? I am still missing some, and would like to try for them this year since we didn't have them last year.

    This is taken from the Special Plants table:

    “Available in the Wild Garden for a short time after Walpurga's Night (April 30th)

    April 22th - May 1st 2012: Available in the Wild Garden and breedable”

    Please please please

    1123222.png    1122493.png      1123873.png     1118664.png    1124316.png     1124245.png     1124164.png    

  • really? Since they started late I was hoping they would they open late to compensate.

    Edit - especially since my pots haven't opened up after four days.

    1123222.png    1122493.png      1123873.png     1118664.png    1124316.png     1124245.png     1124164.png    

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  • Yes, I also only had time for one set of four seeds. It's very frustrating, especially considering how many variants there are. I had been hoping to get a few more of the newer variants, but I'm guessing that isn't likely to happen.

    For newcomers, the problem is far worse. We have nine variants, and only if someone had timed it very tightly would they have had a chance to get more than four seeds total. Even if someone had a chance to get two sets of seeds, at the most they could get eight mushrooms, and they certainly wouldn't have had a chance to get any of the bred-only variants.

    The admins have commented that the focus of this game is trading, so people can get all the variants that way. That's a nice concept, but if you keep a flower type rare, people are going to be far more inclined to hoard those plants rather than to either gift or trade them.


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  • Mia, thank you for pointing out that there are 9 Witch Mushroom variants so that I was able to figure out that there are two different black slouchy hats.

    I have posted a message to Georgexu94 about the missing variant that was not listed on the Special Plants page, so that he can update the page.

    1123222.png    1122493.png      1123873.png     1118664.png    1124316.png     1124245.png     1124164.png