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    I saw the new seeds in the garden (thank you for making the Praline seeds available!), but it doesn't appear that the gifting part of the holiday has been turned on yet. I gifted something to a friend, and never got a message from the post pixie.

    In the past, the event was only during Valentine's Day itself (the 14th), so we don't have a very large window to work with for time.

    Vanille : By "third variant", I suppose I meant variant 2 from the wiki. I only have one of those, and last year I didn't get any from the garden. Come to think of it, though, I bred my fireworks the second year, and only got variant 1. This year I got eight from the garden, and each one was variant 3. I'm not sure HOW to get variant 2, at this point. I've bred four, and they are at "sprout" stage (that's in quotes, because they're not really plants :) ), so I'm hoping I will get at least one of those. We'll also see if the images show up. So far it seems that all the invisible ones have been variant 3, so it's hard to say.

    A friend of mine on FG has a bunch of invisible fireworks plants, but she also has all three variants that are visible. I'm guessing the invisible ones are the newest variant, since that was the case with me. Actually, what happened to me is that ALL of the fireworks I got from the garden were the new variant, which did not exactly make me unhappy. :) I was a little surprised, however, and I'm wondering if somehow the old variants have inadvertently been retired, or if the code for determining which variant you get was strongly weighted towards the new variant.

    My compendium doesn't show the third variant either, so apparently whatever is going on with the images is affecting that as well. If FKrauthen can fix that, it might just cascade to fixing everything else with that image. :)

    I got one finally as well. It might be bred-only; I bred to get mine.

    Vanille : The bred firecracker might get you the third fireworks variant, which may be a bred-only variant. I only have one of those, and it was given away through the post pixie (or perhaps by a game? Can't remember) the year it was released. I'm hoping that my bred fireworks might give me more of them.

    Oh! That's not a firework - that's a cracker! Those are traditional in some European countries, although not in the US. You pull the two ends away from each other and it "cracks" open, emitting some confetti, and a prize of some sort.

    I'm not sure why they're called crackers. I'm guessing it's because they sort of make a cracking sound when they open, but it could be for some other reason.

    I don't know if the new clover has a fireworks; I don't know that anyone has actually seen what it looks like yet. If anyone has successfully gotten one, would you be willing to post an image view of it? I think we'd all like to know what it looks like.

    Shadowlady : You can get the palm tree either by breeding, or by the post pixie. I think the post pixie's might be guaranteed to be a palm tree. At least it was the year that variant was released. Only someone who hasn't already gotten a Christmas tree seed from the post pixie will get a Christmas tree seed from the post pixie. The post pixie events are special events, and some are only once per account.

    The Valentine's Day post pixie events are once per year, however, and you can only earn that event during a twenty four hour span. Assuming the admins turn the event on, and tell us what time it will begin and end. (And what time zone, since we have players from everywhere in the world.)

    I have several of the new ones, it appears, and every one of them is invisible. I also have no question mark in my compendium, but no image of the new one.

    Something is definitely broken. :)

    There's also the fact that, while not "officially" seasonal plants, the seeds for poinsettias, christmas roses, and christmas cacti seem to only drop during the season... so for newer players (like me) who didn't have those plants already, taking the time to grab those as well cuts into the slots that can be used on stars/trees.

    That's why adding this as a mechanism is a bad idea. It won't affect those of us who have been around a while, but it will certainly affect newer players.

    Yeah, we didn't have much of a period for being able to get those seeds. I don't see them dropping anymore, and as we had both a new star and a new tree, I only managed to get four of each. Got the new star, but not the new tree. With as many variants of tree as we now have, the likelihood of anyone being able to get one is actually fairly small. Especially since there are three Christmas plants, each with numerous variants.

    We need a longer Christmas drop/breeding period. In the past we were given a full month of it, often overlapping with the New Year's drops. I'm a bit disappointed by the shortness of the season we were given, although at least we were given a season, when I think it was either last year or the year before that we weren't given even that.

    fkrauthan : Which holiday plants are breedable for holidays right now? I can see the breed option on Lucky Clovers, but those are always breedable with white clovers throughout the year, normally breeding white clovers. I don't know at what point you'll make us able to breed them for Lucky Clovers instead. (Or if, like the Marvels & ferns, you'll make it so they'll only breed normal plants and not holidays even during the holiday.) Some variants are bred-only, so if we don't do any breeding, we won't be able to get those variants.

    Could you let us know when each plant will be breedable for the holiday plants? Thanks!

    Just wondering when Christmas breeding will begin. In previous years, breeding and drops started pretty early and lasted for about a month, because there are so many plants and variants involved.

    I'm just wondering when it's going to start this year, as breeding isn't yet available for any of those plants.

    Yeah, I haven't seen any of those seeds this year at all, now that you mention it. They aren't breedable right now, either, and they should be.

    Has anyone completed the Halloween event story? I completed it several times, and the most items I came out of it with were 21. Did anyone come out with more items than that?

    I'm just wondering, because after several attempts, I couldn't find any more items than that, but I don't know if I missed anything I didn't notice.

    Oh, good. I'll drop a bunch of bred ones into the garden, in that case. There are some variants that can only be obtained through breeding, so this will be a way for newcomers to the game to have a chance at them. :)

    ETA: I just bred four jacks with pumpkins, and every single seed that dropped was a pumpkin seed. Has the breeding ability been turned on properly? I seem to recall that we ran into a similar problem with this last year, where all we could breed were pumpkins and no jacks. We also had this problem with Marvel ferns this summer. This really keeps newcomers from being able to get all of the variants, so the admins might want to look into this.

    Yeah, it never started last year, and it looks like the admins forgot about it again this year. It's too bad. Sadly, this affects new players more than it does for those of us who have been here for several years.

    MiaSkywalker Not sure if we are going to publish this information. But if we implement proper seasons if someone is updating the wiki with that information it should hold true for years to come.

    Why not publish it? By not publishing it you are accomplishing three things.

    1. Those who are helping you will have the advantage in knowing when plants are available, while those who aren't involved will have a disadvantage. While this game is not a competition, it IS supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable, and that knowledge that there is a disparity in information is neither.

    2. It's going to frustrate people who are looking for particular plants to complete their compendium, or to work on a lineage. They'll hunt and hunt for particular seeds, yet have no idea that their hunt will be fruitless. Time will be wasted, when the knowledge that it's out of season would just have them work on something else instead for the time being.

    3. We will have no way of reporting if seeds aren't in the garden when they should be, because we won't know if they aren't supposed to be there at the moment, or if they aren't there because of a technical issue that's causing them to not drop.

    These are NOT advantages to the game at all, so I don't see that there's any reason to keep this information a secret.