new garden maybe?

  • like a field or spring? i fiddled with the forest and stuck a bunch of pots and plants on it for fun, something like this would be neat;

    if nothing else it would give people more room for showing off more of their favorite plants if the site did make a new garden<3 it would not have to be anything super fancy i think, though of course what do i know? XD

  • Please mind that a new garden is about the most time consuming piece of artwork in Flowergame (maybe except for even larger projects such as the treasure hunt). That's easily several dozen hours of work, and @idril is righ, Nephele is drawing the graphics for Flowergame solely in her free time.

    Well, there are ways to speed that up, e.g. by following the link from Nepheles signature:

    (Also worth a try if you wish for a certain plant species, decoration or pot design or a new minigame.)

    I believe she already has a number of new garden designs in mind.

  • that link does not work and i would not mind helping the owner out. i am a pixelist by trade afterall XD i could do better than this with a little help and a little effort. i would love to be useful on a site like this(and by useful i mean in a way that does not require tact hurhur)

  • @zosa Well, about helping, that's not up to me to decide that. Nephele is the one responsible for all the artwork, so she's also the one who decides who could possibly help out or not, and if the art styles match. It would be best to contact her personally.

  • Don't trust the profile. That only means she hasn't been active on the forums (or invisible), but she will still receive a notification when contacted.

  • I just talked to her but she says she didn't receive any message from you. Can you double check?

  • That sounds odd. Did you by chance start the "conversation" by accidentally clicking on the mail icon instead of the speech bubbles?

  • Uhm... the email icon will send an email to that person. The 'new conversation' icon can start a forum-based message (what we usually call PM). So I guess you're supposed to click one the 'new conversation' icon and send a PM. It also allows you to send a message and you can see whether that person checked it or not.

    -Currently learning German-

  • No, sending an email will not trigger a notification. And if the mail fails to be delivered, she won't know anything about it (as neither does this server). Notifications (by this server) are only sent when a conversation is initiated on this platform.