how do i get all of the plant pots

  • Usually when there's a holiday and an event (e.x. mid-summer). When you finish it, you always get something as rewards, sometimes there will be flowerpots. And for the ones that you're missing, it might be hopeful that you can get from future events as make up to new players. This is just my thought, though.

  • There is not always an exact date when an event starts.
    But you can make a note for Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day, Easter, Walpurgis Night, Halloween, St. Patrick's Day. Those are events with a more or less fixed date, calender wise I mean, but can start at and run for an undetermined time, meaning it´s up to Exterminans when events start. Then there is the sites own Summer event, were the Marvel Ferns can be bred.
    There will be an announcment when events start, so just sit back and wait what might come. :)
    As for how: they are usually the reward for a game or little quest. For Valentine you have to gift a flower to someone. Those rewards are brought by a post pixie to you. :)

    As for why the wiki is not always clear on things: It was started long after the game and some things on how or when etc. are not remembered anymore. :)