Easter Special discussion/help

  • I know the event is now over so I wanted to post some thank yous.

    First, thank you Corindia for the note swapping of locations as well as helping everyone you did to get as many eggs as possible. You really did help make it fun. Looking forward to this continuing as we do other events.

    Second, the forum mods who let us ramble, plead, and be general pests sometimes as long as we kept it in good humour. Thanks for the freedom to keep this fun. It will keep us coming back for more.

    Last and in most ways most important the Site Staff. You listen to us and adjust events as needed so everyone can be involved. You extended V-day so everyone in every time zone had at least 24 hours to try for the seed, and then with Easter when it was discovered that we had several new members that couldn't get to the breeding page for that last egg you moved it to a location accessible by everyone. Thank you, the Easter event was really great and everyone who tried ended up with something. Oh and the bonus of getting 2 seeds means there will be lots of breeding next year for those who missed getting both of the seeds.

    Now for the Translator, as always please excuse the grammar.

    Ich weiß, dass das Ereignis jetzt über so ist ich wollte etwas Dank yous anschlagen.

    Danken Sie zuerst Corindia für das Zeichen tauschend von Positionen sowie dem Helfen jedem Ihnen Sie taten, um soviel Eier zu bekommen, wie möglich. Sie halfen wirklich, es lustig zu machen. Sich auf dieses Fortfahren darauf zu freuen, wie wir andere Ereignisse tun.

    Zweitens bitten Sie das Forum mods, wer uns umherwandern ließ, flehentlich, und allgemeine Pest manchmal sein, solange wir es in der guten Laune behielten. Vielen Dank für die Freiheit, diesen Spass zu behalten. Es wird uns behalten, für mehr zurückkommend.

    Letzt und auf die meisten Weisen am wichtigsten der Seite-Personal. Sie hören uns zu und regulieren Ereignisse, wie erforderlich, so kann jeder eingeschlossen werden. Sie erweiterten V-day, so hatte jeder in jeder Zeitzone mindestens 24 Stunden, um sich um den Samen, und dann mit dem Ostern zu bemühen, als es entdeckt wurde, dass wir mehrere neue Mitglieder hatten, die zur Fortpflanzungsseite für dieses letzte Ei Nicht kommen konnten, bewegten Sie es zu einer durch''jeden zugänglichen Position. Danke, das Osternereignis war wirklich groß und jeder, der versuchte, endete mit etwas. Oh und bedeutet der Bonus, 2 Samen zu bekommen, dass es viel Fortpflanzung im nächsten Jahr für diejenigen geben wird, die das Bekommen von beiden der Samen verpassten.

  • Oh my word!! Once they finally fully grow up I am so posting the links to the two sites I found. There is even a mention of an Egg Hunt in one site!! :D :P Course I will need permission I believe. These sites have to do with religion sort of. :/ I don't know if I should in that case. I'll send them to Exterminans first. :)

    Oh! If you get permission, will you post it here? ^^

    Malagar, I believe that sums it up very nicely. Yes, we do want to give our proper thanks to all involved!!! ^^

  • Boo! ;) I'm back briefly and now that the eggs have hatched I'm going to post the links I found. :) Feel free NOT to read them if you find them offensive or whatever. And if you are young get permission or maybe have a parent sit with you and read with you. I'm not trying to influence anyone in religion in any way. I'm just showing links that show information I found that talk about Easter customs and their origins and such. Please no drama over the links. Thank you!

    1. http://www.earthwitchery.com/ostara.html (my favorite link and what got me thinking we would be having a white rabbit/goddess plant :P
    2. http://www.wicca.com/celtic/akasha/ostara.htm (not a lot of information but has some interesting stuff anyway)
    3. http://www.witchvox.com/va/dt_va.html?a=…olidays&id=1991 (this one is loaded with information about religion and how and why we celebrate Easter, and the fact that most of the things we do at Easter (decorate eggs, hide eggs, a quote from the page: "But if we look more closely at some of these Easter customs, we will see that the origins are surprisingly, well, pagan! Eggs, bunnies, candy, Easter baskets, new clothes, all these "traditions" have their origin in practices which may have little or nothing to do with the Christian holiday.") another words pagan activities were pulled over into the holiday and no one seems to have noticed or cared!) :whistling:

    As you can see by the actual links and the brief summary by the links you can see what the links are about. Feel free to click on them if you want. And if you don't want to.. then don't. :P ;)