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  • Hi there! I just noticed that you have a LOT of flowers/plants in your signature along with another link to How do you do it? I can only get four! *puzzled*

    • Hi, I never noticed. I just played around with it and discovered that there's a 500 character maximum on the signature. My signature as 928 characters, but I haven't changed it in years. I have to guess that they've lowered the maximum after I last made my signature? I think if I try to change it now I'd be limited to the 500 characters.

    • Oh, that must be it. I change mine (when I'm on here) quite often. In fact, I'm about to change it right now. :D I wish they would let us have more.

  • Hi nonnyouse! Love your flowers (in your avatar)! :D

  • I got the rest! Thank you! I hope that was close enough, but I will be more than happy to repost any you want me to! Thanks again!

  • Just wanted to tell you that if you don't get rid of all the plants or flowers that you want to, you can always send them to me, if you want. :)