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    Someone else has mentioned this problem with the new fireworks not showing in the Compendium.

    This one is in my Greenhouse

    but doesn’t show in my Compendium.

    Hopefully having an example can help with digging into the coding. Good luck.

    It took me 5 or 6 tries to get the Flaming Christmas tree.

    Also interesting thing, the list of plants says that the Palm tree Christmas tree is breed only, but mine was taken from the Wild Garden with no parents. Hmmmm, maybe it was one of the plants dropped off by the Postal Pixie.

    Thank you for the Clover with the pig.

    Funny happenstance, I am watching the movie “Red”, and just as I opened your PM, John Malkovich yells one of my favorite line “ I am getting the Pig!!” -(plushie pig filled with ordnance)!. My husband yells back at me “you’re not getting the pig!”, and I yell back “yes I am, I just got one!”. 89679.png

    Yes, my husband and I are weird. ?

    I was just about to go post in the Help section about this issue, myself. You can identify my invisible Fireworks because it is currently in my signature in this forum.

    I just checked the wild garden, and I found a lucky clover seed there. They are the ones ithe green and white striped rocket. If I had had an open slot, I would have grabbed it.

    Oh. Well, this is my first year actively picking up seeds/plants, so I have question marks beside most plants in the compendium.

    So yay for new variations, and many thanks to the hard workers who created them for us!

    Per that note sent to check the Compendium over the holidays, I did so several times. I didn’t see anything different with my plants. Did I miss something?

    Yes, I was inactive during Christmas last year, so I am looking forward to trying some breeding this year, when it becomes possible. Pretty please?

    I only have stuff that was delivered by the Postal Pixie.

    Looking at the wiki for the “Special” flowers, it lists the Audrey II as a Halloween event plant. I am so hoping that at least a few get dropped for Halloween.