no access

  • I keep getting logged out from the site discussion area ;(

    The problem hasn't been solved yet.
    I get the "no access" message, although I'm logged in. It happens when I want to access directly the last post in the Site discussion area. When I click on the topic I get through. It is really irritating ;(((

  • Hmm. I refreshed My Greenhouse and needed water so I followed the pixie, played a game and clicked ' make it rain'. I got sent to login. I logged in, had to pay another game and this time when I clicked 'make it rain' i got Pale Moon (my browser) can't find the server at I clicked 'try again' a few times before it came back.

  • The problem still appears. I'm tired and annoyed by constant logging in and being logged out immediately!!!

    EDIT: It seems to be the problem with Firefox. On IE it works OK, BUT I HATE IE!!!!. I want it to work on my favourite Firefox!!!! Please, do something with this issue....

  • agajol have you tried to delete your cookies? If not click on the globe next to the url. Click there on "More information". Now you should select the security tab and click on "View cookies" if you click there on "Remove all cookies" this issue should be gone.

  • Thanks, but that's not the problem with cookies. It appeared almost immediately after server maintenance. I clear cookies every 24 hours and sometimes even more often - I hate the vision of some server collecting my data and sending me dedicated add spam. ;(((

    But thanks for trying. It also happened before with the previous update and then went away, so I hope it will be the same this time ;))

  • Hmm sounds like your ISP is doing some very strange caching since our server infrastructure can't be the reason for that. As soon as you clear the cookies our server doesn't know you. So you can login like every one else and should be landing on the garden gate.

  • Well, maybe. Because it has been having terrible lags recently.
    But the issue seems to have gone now (without clearing the cache). And it only to do with selected subforums (not the site itself) ;))

    Maybe I'm so unlucky and that was just a coincidence (twice ;) )