• I misclicked one of the st Patties - wanted to water the seed and clicked on trash and it went to trash without any confirmation. Why? I thought there was a cofirmation dialog box....

    How can I get the seed back? It doesn't exist anymore (I mean the number). And it was about to sprout tomorrow ;(

    Now, I won't have chance to get my dozen fo leprechauns ;((

    Can anyone help me , pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaase?

  • There was a confirmation dialog, except if you deactivated javascript confirmation boxes in your browser in which case i can't help you.

    There is no way to restore the plant, it's gone.

  • They both use the same script, so if one works, the other one also does. That means you must have accidently confirmed the dialog without noticing.

  • The event isn't finished jet. In the noon Iv'e seen one. The Treasure has 2 variants. I thik, agajol should be more then one Seeds have taken. So it is his own chance zo get the Winter Garden now... Later it will come an other way to get it (?).