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    I have been noticing that the “Pipes” game has been, for lack of a better word, updated.

    As someone upthread had mentioned, there were lots of repeats of the pipe patterns. But in the last week or so, I have seen a lot of new pipe patterns.

    My thanks to the admins, and game designers.

    I have been checking, my Halloween pumpkins aren’t available to breed, my regular pumpkins only offer to breed to other regular pumpkins, and my Venus-flytrap also not available to breed.

    Just curious as to when I can breed.


    Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I missed last year’s Halloween event, (not being active yet), so I was wondering how early or late the dropping of Halloween plants begins.

    That's actually one of the reasons that I like Flower Game; these are some plants that I don't have to worry about having them die on me!

    I enjoy this game because I am not able to work in the garden anymore. I used to have quite the herb garden.

    But I killed off a number of house plants, including an artificial fern that I somehow caused to wither. I am glad that won’t happen to these.

    So I am starting to research life-cycles of the flowers. It will be fun.

    So, the tulips would be the first plants to bloom in the spring, along with the grape hyacinth. But the tulips usually die back by summer, but the grape hyacinth last longer. Hmmmmmm. . . . .

    What about the vegetables, that it is usually dangerous to put them in the yard until the danger of frost in the spring has passed?

    (Yes, I used to keep quite the herb garden, and usually a fair amount of vegetables.)

    I am interested in the Growing Season project.

    I am wondering as to where you would want the baseline to be for. I am from Colorado, and so we definitely have a growing/dying season, versus Hawaii where my sister is growing avocado and lemon trees year round.

    So would the seasons be based on, say, Germany, or other parts of Europe, or sections of the United States?

    I am shocked and grateful that the first three strawberry seeds gave me one of each of the variations of the wild strawberry plant.

    But I am still going to collect more of the seeds.

    YAY!! I just picked up a Wild Strawberry in the Wild garden!

    As soon as I get more empty pots, I will grab more, because I don’t know how long its season will last.

    As a former grower of herb gardens, may I suggest a few herbs.

    Rosemary has lovely purple flowers as well as needle like leaves

    Sage also has beautiful purple flowers and very pretty leaves

    Borage more purple flowers

    Feverfew has nice little daisy-like flowers

    Marshmallow has red and white flowers

    Oregano and Thyme are lovely, and come with varients

    I also think that Foxglove would be a wonderful plant with beautiful trumpet shaped flowers.

    I always loved growing Angelica, but the flowers are mostly white.

    I know you cannot do all of these, but just putting this out there for suggestions.

    Alia, if you check my signature, you will see that I have the second plant you posted. I picked that one up from the wild garden last month, so it is not apparently a breed only.

    Tapeape, thank you for your very kind offer.

    Right now I am torn between “I really want that flower“, and I want to do it myself......

    OK, I think I will come down on the side of wanting it that badly. I accept your kind offer, and then will continue to try to breed it myself, but won’t feel badly because I keep failing at it. Ha ha

    I hope that you will be able to check out the wild strawberries, as I have never seen them the entire time I have played this game. I really do want to raise some strawberries. Thanks