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    occationally i did not play the game last year at that time, so i was glad to hear, that it would be possible till nov. 11th to find seeds in the garden.. but now.. they are gone! and i am still missing the snappy trees.. ;(

    leider habe ich letztes jahr um die zeit noch nicht das spiel gespielt, daher war ich froh zu hören, dass bis zum 11.11. samen im wilden garten zu finden wären. aber leider sind da gar keine mehr! dabei fehlt mir noch der bissige baumstumpf, echt sehr schade. ;(

    Well, I for sure give up now. clicked pretty much everything i could find and ghost and bat are still free.. that is really frustrating me.. :huh:
    even tried the "wild clicking" between ghost and bat as miaskywalker mentioned it, but nothing.. :wacko:

    edit: found an old thread from last year in the help section.. and finally catched the ghost.. to bad that it is not staying in the atrium like last year.. but well, it is still a nice extra game within the game.. thank you.. AND without help, propably never finished it.. 8| is it possibly to keep the bat? kind of like the little thing flying around there

    Well, I am wondering like everyone else.. it is getting later and later here in germany.. an sunday the 17. ends in 2 hours. :P
    So I suppose it has to be a longer event than just those 7 days that were mentioned. ;)

    Something I would be interested in is, are the seeds different from the normal farn? Can I recognize them in the wild garden? I don`t play the game long enough to have a marvel farn already, so I need to catch a seed in the garden. ;)