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    let me see if I can get this right. These are all parentless, caught in the wild garden.


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    Soooooooooo thankful to anyone who listened to my whining and tried to help. Suddenly the rose appeared in my bag, and everything went easily afterwards. Thanks, everyone! <3

    If I have to have the rose in my inventory before I can release the crayfish then I need admin help because I've been waiting for its appearance for close to three days now and I'm kinda losing patience here.

    Wait, I'm supposed to have the rose in my inventory? It never appeared, but when I click on the rosebush, I get this message:


    I have the rose, now I need a cane and an ivy leaf.

    I really appreciate all the help but I still

    Yes, it's been two days since I got stuck. Really frustrating. :S

    Where do I find a bottle opener? I'd swear I looked everywhere...

    (I know I'm late to the game but I was traveling for the holidays with no 'Net. Imagine my delight at still being able to do the quest!)