Dead flowers

  • I had no idea the flowers could die - is it something recently added? Until now I had no "limp" flowers and I've been playing since April. Now half of my garden is almost dead >.<

    What can I do to save them?

  • I'm sorry, there was a bug in the grow-mechanism which affected only users with 10 or more flowers and caused all flowers without water to die. All your plants are now healthy again.

    Flowers could get limp since beginning, but that required to have absolutly no sun in the garden AND the flower may not have any water. If you try to revive a limp flower you have a chance of success, otherwise the plant dies. Limp flowers also die if they stay limp for a long time.

  • I already used the "revive" option and 6 of my mature flowers have been replaced with the germ versions, but everything else seems to be fine.