Quicker sprouting - a glitch?

  • I've just found at least two roses that sprouted in 3 days in other people's gardens. I thought you need at least 4 days to make them sprout. Has anything changed? Or is it just a lucky glitch?
    If it is not - how can we manage to do the sprouting in 3 days?

  • It takes a little less then 4 days so the dates may show 3 days if timed right, but it's still almost 4 days.

  • If it was my garden, the explanation is very simple: they were taken at about 00:05 a.m. and sprouted at about 23:55, after almost four days.
    As the info doesn't show the hour, only the day, they seem to have sprouted in 3 days :D

    Please help them grow faster! Thank you! / Bitte hilf meinen Blumen, schneller zu wachsen! Vielen Dank!