• Just wanted to make a little intro post since I'm new to the forums and all-- I know they're not super active these days, but it seemed like the polite thing to do. I'm Basil, I stumbled upon this game a little while back while looking into a completely different game, and immediately fell in love. It's soooo cute and I'm so excited to plaster the links to all my little flowers everywhere and bug my friends about it, lmao. <3

  • If I read the wiki correctly, you get to pick four from the wild garden when you start, since you have none to begin with. But the newest seed (by a matter of minutes, really, lol) was an event item I guess? The newest released flower, Indian Chrysanthemum. Certainly a welcome surprise!!

  • But I was here when it showed up and I didn't get an extra. Oh well. I wasn't aware there was any way you could have more than four.

    I THINK the Texas Bluebell came after the Chrysanthemum. I must check my compendium. Yes indeed, and even after that came the Winter Daphne.

    I'd better edit the wiki. I seem to have left out some dates.


    1119257.png 1119254.png 1119255.png 1119256.png 1118929.png 1118928.png 1118932.png 1118900.png