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    First off, i just found this game a couple days ago from a forum signature on a different site and I have to say, I LOVE IT! I can’t believe it doesn’t have more users. I enjoy that it’s so beginner friendly yet has a lot of options for long term progress.

    As for features, I’d enjoy a change to the breeding system. As opposed to randomly generated offspring, I would love to see offspring that either inherit or combine their parents’ traits. Strategising which plants to breed would be really fun to me, especially if there were more color or trait options implemented! Additionally, I’d love seeing something to do with all the snails we pick up. Snails are some of my favorite creatures and having a terrarium or some way to care for them - away from our precious plants - would be so much fun!

    If I come up with more ideas, I’ll be sure to post them! Again, I’m a newer user, so I don’t have any pet peeves or long term wishes, just ideas that I think would be fun to add to the game! Thank you for asking for suggestions!

    edit: Naming our plants would be really fun! I get emotionally attached to my plant babies and I think being able to name them would be great!