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    I got a fern package (check the number of active seeds/sprouts in my Greenhouse @ 11718 if you don't believe me), but I only just joined flowergame in September of last year. So maybe the package goes out only to people who have never gotten it before?

    It starts you over if you click a correct answer twice? Huh, in my experience it doesn't do that. Wonder if it's a browser bug or something? (I'm on Firefox for mac, fwiw.)

    There's also the fact that, while not "officially" seasonal plants, the seeds for poinsettias, christmas roses, and christmas cacti seem to only drop during the season... so for newer players (like me) who didn't have those plants already, taking the time to grab those as well cuts into the slots that can be used on stars/trees.

    Are lucky clovers not available this year? I saved some open pots for them since the wiki said they're New Years/New Year's Eve plants, but neither the clovers nor the fireworks are showing up in the Wild Garden.

    Having the same issue on Firefox—after completing a game (it's happened on all the ones I've tried), I get redirected to My Garden instead of the wish page. The problem doesn't happen on Chrome, though.