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    Alia, if you check my signature, you will see that I have the second plant you posted. I picked that one up from the wild garden last month, so it is not apparently a breed only.

    Tapeape, thank you for your very kind offer.

    Right now I am torn between “I really want that flower“, and I want to do it myself......

    OK, I think I will come down on the side of wanting it that badly. I accept your kind offer, and then will continue to try to breed it myself, but won’t feel badly because I keep failing at it. Ha ha

    I hope that you will be able to check out the wild strawberries, as I have never seen them the entire time I have played this game. I really do want to raise some strawberries. Thanks

    Hello, I am Shadowlady.

    I found this game a year ago, and picked up a Christmas Rose then, and then forgot about it. Seeing some flowers on other peoples accounts reminded me of this site, and luckily I remembered what my screen name was. I even remembered my password after this long.

    Now after starting up again at the beginning of this year, I have a lot of flowers now. Still working on getting at least one of each, and hopefully one of each color of each flower.

    The one I am working on the most is the Bread and butter chives.

    I just went to my greenhouse, and bred a Marvel fern to a Male fern. It was successful, but since I did not have an open pot, it was dumped into the wild garden. And yes it was a Marvel fern.

    I have been looking for seeds for the wild strawberries ever since I found they existed, from looking at the regular plants screen. Unfortunately I have not seen any.

    Clicking on some grown wild strawberries on other people’s garden, the ones from way back said that the season is from July through September. Now that we are in the middle of July, I keep hoping the strawberries will start showing up.