STuK Translation and comments

  • Da wir hier viele Englisch sprechende Leute haben will ich mich daran versuchen Salbei, Tulpen und Kastanien auch ins Englische zu übertragen.

    Ich betrachte das als Übung für mich und bitte die Fehler sowie längere Wartezeiten zu entschuldigen.
    Außerdem dürft ihr hier gerne Kommentare zu STuK abgeben ;)


    Because of so many english speaking people around here, I'll try to translate "Salbei, Tulpen und Kastanien" into english.

    For me it's an exercise, please forgive longer delays, mistakes and crude english.
    Feel free to post coments about "STuK" here. ;)


    Der Titel:
    Salbei, Tulpen und Kastanien
    The title:
    Sage, Tulips and chestnuts

  • Introduction and first part:

    just found this part of this Website. What lovely stories <3
    I'd like to start a new one or to continue one of the old, I'd leaf that to you. All three sounds fine.

    Anari looked down at the new blossom and sighed. This would become the third of this year and somehow she couldn't get rid of the feeling that something was wrong. Even the last one had been more difficult then usual, then it should have.
    What was it? Was it her?
    She put the blossom aside and streched her wings. She know she had to do something she hadn't done for a long time:
    She would have to mingle with the other inhabitants of the wild garden.

    Anari drew a deep breath once more and left the rosecovered birdhouse to fly towards the herb garden.

  • An Unusually cold wind drove through the wild garden. It was late summer and the last day's been hot. He swayed unripe rosehips, spread last petals and gave the residents of this place a chill. He disappeared as quick as he came. The heat setteled in again over the garden and one by one the crickets startet to chirp anew...

    For one moment Anari had thougt to go to the Piebald Tulip but then she had realised how many people would be there. Too many! Afraid of fey as she where she probably shoulden't start with a pub.
    But where else?
    She was still thinking as a new frosty sqall came up and took her utterly by surprise. It sized her, got her of balance and threw her forcefully into an old currant bush.
    "Ouch", she gasped.
    It took Anari a while to find her bearings. She hung upside down somewhere in the upper third between last bletted red berries, leaves and twigs. Her gown and hair had gotten entangled, her back and arm ached and one of her wings feeled strange but she couldn't quite see nor move it.
    "Oh just wounderfull! What am I supposed to do now?", she asked herself and tried to change her position.
    Flashes of light flickerd trough her field of vision, pain coloured it red and let nausea rise up in her. Laboriously she struggeld for breath.

  • With Starfire (I know, the Translation ain't there jet) I've introduced all maine Characters so far.
    Now Anari, Alyjosch and Starfire only have to find to each other to get going.
    For now, I won't bring in further maine characters. That may change while the story takes it's course. If you want to know more about side characters or do not understand something, please write.

    And please do! I'd be happy to read any feedback. Thanks Bluheart, I hope you like the story as well, and not only that I try to translate it.

    Mit Sternenfeuer sind derzeit sämtliche Hauptcharaktere in Erscheinung getreten. Anari, Alyjosch und Sternenfeuer müssen jetzt nur noch zueinander finden, damit es richtig losgehen kann.
    Bis jetzt habe ich nicht vor mehr Hauptcharaktere einzuführen. Das mag sich im Verlaufe der Geschichte noch ändern. Wenn ihr mehr über Nebenfiguren wissen wollte oder irgendwas nicht versteht, dann schreibt hier.

    Und bitte schreibt! Ich würde mich über jegliches Feedback freuen.
    Danke Bluheart, ich hoffe dir gefällt auch die Geschichte an sich, nicht nur, dass ich versuche zu übersetzen.

  • Alyjosch cursed too. But for a totally different reason:
    The second squall had released another shower of cherries, which dropped with violent bluster on his house. He definitely shoulden't have moved to this place! But no, he had to listen to his mother again, how fantastic it would be to have ripe cherries directly in front of the door and the hazles from the bush, in which it was build, in fall. All he seemd to do was repairing the roof and chase away squirrels and birds!
    Sure, he was amply supplied with cherries and nuts but that wouldn't change all this intolerable work a bit nor the fact that every Autumn unroofed him.
    „How often have I told you not to swear?“ His mother glared at him darkly, her hand still raised from the blow to the back of his head.
    "Often mother."
    „Not quiet often enough! You are now 143. A man in the prime of his life. Wealthy and well grown and still not married. And? What do you think why is that?“
    Alyjosch rolled his eyes.
    „Oh no me dear dont you dare do this on me! Its all becaus of your bad manners. Ooowww what did I do wrong?!?“ His Mother dropped theatrically into her wing chair.
    „I'm sorry moth-“
    „No you arn't“, she flared and allmost rose again. „If you were, you'd change that!“
    „Mother please!“
    „Go! Go, take care of the roof or the Piebald Tulip! Don't you worry about me, your poor old mother. All I want is that you are fine but what do you care?“
    „Don't interupt me! That's an other thing you never learned. I'm concerned about you, try to ensure that you are fi-“
    „That's enough mother! I won't listen to this any longer.“ Infuriated he stomped for the door while his mother kept on wailing and berating, which he could hear a good part of his way to the sage bush.

  • It hasn't been ten minutes since Alyjosch been on road till he felt like melting away under the rays of the sun. 'What also do you have to let yourself be chased out of your own house at the hottest hour of the day?', he swore in his own mind. Now indeed he was out here, the air was shimmering, his hat hung at a hook at home and he didn't even brought something to drink. And almost every part of the Way to the Piebald Tulip would be under the naked sun. As soon as he realized that he started to swore aloud. "Great! This is f*** great! I'll get myself a f*** Sunstroke! Or a heat stroke. Or both! Just because of mother and her d*** cherries! If this continues, I'll move out! Yeah, damn right, I'll move-" He stopped abruptly, blinking like stupid. His mind must have been grilled a long time ago, or he was hallucinating. Just then a dwarf with a thick scarf around his neck walked past him, pressed something against his chest and smiled abstracted to himself!
    But the picture did not go away, no matter how many times he rubbed his eyes or pinched himself. 'Okay, enough of it. You always knew, that dwarves are of their nut. Just keep going!' Alyjosch broke away from this strange sight and turned towards the Tulip again. That wasn't something, that a few good acornbeers wouldn't flush out of his head...

  • Everything was the same in the Piebald Tulip, there wasn't much going on at this time, only the bulk of the Guards who had recently finished their shift were there, beckoning Alyjosch to their table.
    "Hey Aly, what are you doing here on your day off? Stress with your mother again?"
    He stopped them with a wave of his hand and the others turned back to their old topic.
    Three acornbeers later he remembered that dwarf.
    "Hey guys, you won't believe what I have seen: A totally moronic looking dwarf with a thick scarf around his neck came on towards me. In this heat! Imagine that!", he said laughing.
    The table went silent and the others exchanged glances.
    "Hold, stop, moment!" Alyjosch had expected sounding laughter and couldn't keep up. "What's up? That's hilarious. Or not?"
    "Tell him, Bertrand."
    Captain Bertrand turned to him and took a deep breath. "Wilhelm Kornbusch was run over today. Joren Toadward swears, he called to him multiple times and tried to chase him of the street as his rabbit bolted due to a Wasp. He did not move. Old Kornbusch wore gloves and a scarf and smiled enraptured. If you've been there and can help us, we would be grateful."
    Alyjosch looked at him, stunned. "No, not this morning, just now, maybe half an hour ago. And it wasn't old Kornbusch. I would have recognized him."
    "You sure?"
    "Of course, even so I thought for a moment, I would imagine that because of the heat."
    Bertrand was silent for a while. "Do you know who that was?"
    Aly shook his head.
    "Then I would like to ask you to keep your eyes open and let us know when you find him. I don't like that."

  • Long time no writing here. Fuuhhh...
    Seems to be always like this. I start something, other things occupy me and before I even realize it, it's been a long while...

    Well, I didn't forgot about "STuK" and I will continue the story.
    To get back to it I started with translating the two missing parts of Alyjosch first appearance.
    Next would be Starfire or a new german part. Don't know yet.


    Lange nicht geschrieben hier. Fuuhhh ...
    Scheint irgendwie immer so zu sein. Ich fange etwas an, andere Dinge kommen dazwischen und bevor ich mich versehe ist es schon wieder Ewigkeiten her...

    Ich habe "STuK" nicht vergessen und ich werde die Geschichte fortsetzen.
    Um das fortzuführen habe ich damit begonnen, die beiden fehlenden Teile von Alyjosch erstem Auftritt zu übersetzen.
    Als nächstes wäre Starfire oder ein neuer deutscher Abschnitt dran. Was davon, kann ich noch nicht sagen.

  • Well, I have a question (or two) - First, I'm not quite sure what's going on - you talk about Anari and then switch to Alyjosch, but before you did, you said something about Starfire. You said you have introduced all the main characters, but I didn't read anything about Starfire. So I was just curious about him (or her).

    Also, if you have a place for a side character, you are more than welcome to use my username. :D I would be honored and love it if you did! (I hope it would be a nice character though and not one that cusses or does bad things! LOL)

  • Well, the reason is/was that in the german version of the story Starfire is already introduced Truelinor.
    Till now I haven't been that far with the english translation.

    The story has 3 protagonists:
    Anari (first part already translated, second only in German right now)
    Alyjosch (first part already translated)
    Starfire [german Sternenfeuer] (first part only in german right now.

    (have to translate character descriptions too...) X/

    Oh! Thanks Truelinor! I'm honored too. <3
    And I have a few candidates for this. Of course they are all bad-asses and meanies. X'D
    Whatever a character it will become, don't judge him by the cover. He might just not be quite the person he appears to. ;)

    To satisfy your curiosity, here is the next part of the story for the english readers:

  • Starfire enjoyed the heat on her wings and spread them even wider. She loved the summer. It was the only time of the year when she didn't felt cold all the time.
    Behind her was the constant ripple of the fountain on the edge of which she sat. She felt a few drops of the spout on here wings now and then. Her fingers found the string with playful ease and coaxed cheerful melodies out of her Bağlama. She kept her eyes closed, but to open them would have made no difference for Starfire.
    The Bard still couldn't believe that the dwarfs and Kobolds had managed to adopt the concept of a fountain from the large people. The drops sparkled so nicely on the water and she danced around them with her melodies.
    Only in a figurative sense, here to dance she wouldn't dare without Roalds instructions.
    Nevertheless the people threw coins on her scarf or put down parts of their harvest.
    This was one more thing she loved about Summer: She needn't go hungry. Still people gave freely.
    She sang and felt infinitely free.
    Suddenly a discordant note disturbed her melody. But it came from outside. It came across the square towards her and caught her fully. The frosty squall almost threw Starfire into the basin. She clung to the edge and her instrument just in time. The trembling spread through her limbs and she still shivered although the squall was long gone. Carefully she led herself slide from the edge and tried to get her body back under her control.
    What was that? So discordant. And so could. Something like that just didn't belong into summer.
    Uncertain, she began the first notes of a new song, but it lacked momentum. 'Please, dear sun, do not let such a gust come again!' She pleaded silently. Then she started singing again.