Access to Atrium

  • It sais in the wiki that I must first raise 3 plants to get my own Atrium. I have raised 14 plants (raised in the 2010) and I don't have access to Atrium.. Now I have 4 seeds growing so do i need to wait those to be grown before I can get my Atrium?

  • If you raised your first seeds before they came out with the atrium, yes, you'll have to raise three more. That was true with all of us when the atriums first came out, although none of us realized it. (As the atriums came and we had no idea we were going to get them!)

    Um... I know my post isn't very clear. But maybe it makes sense anyway? :)

  • I thought you explained clearly, Mia :)

    I can remember from somewhere that tells the same thing. You have to raise 3 plants after the location Atrium has been embedded. That plants (no matter how many you have raised already) before that time don't count.